Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Malaysian Study (Part I)

Let’s think about this. For me, it is kindda amusing. I keep thinking about it day and night. My wishful thinking seeks for the ultimate answer that by rational thinking I believe it won’t exist.

We want to have a beautiful multi races country Malaysia. Everybody lives in peace and harmony, respects each other and have mutual understanding. This is ideally Malaysia.

Hak bangsa Melayu dimartabatkan kerana Melayu adalah bumiputera. Parti politik memperjuangkan dan memperkasakan Melayu, menjaga hak dan kepentingan Melayu, dan segala-galanya is all about being Malay, the Bumiputera.

Bangsa bukan Melayu akan bersama-sama membangunkan Malaysia, menjaga Malaysia, dan memartabatkan Malaysia walaupun mereka telah didiskriminasikan secara halus.

Macam mana nak satukan 3 mimpi ini. Ketiga-tiganya bertentangan dan bercanggah satu sama lain. Macam pelik. Sesuatu yang tak mungkin terjadi secara fitrahnya. Salah satunya harus terkorban. Ge mana ini???

The ANSWER 1 - Mr A

Fight for their own race = get more support
more support = more money
End point of people with power = money
main motivation = money

yes but there are very few that are honest and work for the benefit of country and ummah, but again very few and their life in party usually are not very long. Mostly they need to be loud, seen and heard, and popularity macam artist to attract attention. Rather then do it quietly and correctly, nobody will notice it, better be loud and fiery, so everybody will know me, vote for me, although i champion my race in front of my people, i'll champion the country for everybody, and champion my pocket for my future and croonies.