Friday, May 30, 2008


This handsome guy RE-JOIN UMNO. Oh Ezam...

To lick his own split eh? Anyway, in the news yesterday, he made 2 strong statements that keeps me wondering what he actually mean, until now. As we all know, he is a shining political figure. Thus, I really believe whatever he said not just accidentally slipping out from his mouth.

Statement 1
Dalam politik, samada kita dipergunakan atau kita mempergunakan. It's true in politics. Saya rela dipergunakan jika ianya untuk kepentingan Malaysia, dan bangsa-bangsa yang ada di Malaysia.
Oh well, I'm still wondering why he said 'saya rela dipergunakan'? I don't really understand what he means, but I do believe I bet that is not an empty statement. He might potraying what he'd faced, or what he'd been through. Plus, a figure like him, I don't think he is being used, instead he is using someone for something. I don't know. But, I'll keep digging coz Ezam handsome is my fav subject now.

The questions arise.

Kalau Ezam dipergunakan, siapa yang mempergunakan dia? Hebat sangatkah Ezam ini di mata politikus2 negara ini?

Kalau Ezam mempergunakan, siapa yang Ezam pergunakan, dan apa tujuan utama perpindahan parti ini???

Statement 2
Saya bersumpah untuk memperjuangkan keadilan, dan bukannya Parti Keadilan.
To declare this, I think he is in the state of denial. If he really wants to join UMNO, I think because he knows he can beat whoever in youth UMNO by caliber. Or else, something more interesting is about to happen.

How about GERAK yer??? What happened to it?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top 10 Malay Fiction at Popular Bookstore

Biar Rindu Berlalu – Sharifah Abu Salem
Ku Seru Kasihmu – Izzul Izzati
Kasih Seharum Lavender – Eita Ashyta
Atas Nama Cinta – Bikash Nur Idris
Bayangan Rindu – Anis Ayuni
Murni Kasih – Norhayati Berahim
Senafas Rindu – Damya Hanna
Cinta... Tiada Akhirnya – Fauziahn Ashari
Buatmu Kekasih – Aisya Sofea
Bunga-bunga Kemboja – Aina Emir

Love is universal. Yes. We all know that. In fact, we knew that. But, oh Malaysian writers, please feed us with something MORE creative, mind provoking, and dynamic. Enough with the "shoot" by media that provides us with "all about propaganda" news and all time so called "entertainment" program (which most of the time I find it annoying than entertaining).

You have to be responsible of what you write. Takkan la all time Melayu is in love, putus cinta, sakit leukimia. And later, itulah mentaliti orang kita. Come on la... Why can't there is something like "The Curious Incident Of A Dog in A Nightime" or "Life of Pi" from our Malay writer.

I know there is so many talented writers who can write WONDERS. With your ability to write, please... It's time to shift the paradigm.


Hihi... I know the table looks odd situated quite far from the header, but this is my first time using table format, so just accept it la yer... :p

The News

Citing Malaysia Resources Corp Bhd, Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Bhd, Malaysia Lalala Corp and Bubbly Ventures Sdn Bhd as some of the companies which had the Prime Minister’s officials as directors, he said:

“They are there not because they are outstanding figures in the industry. They can influence the board’s decision and compromise the respective boards' decisions.

“This is an unhealthy practice which creates a conflict of interest and makes a mockery of the Government’s push for integrity,” he said when debating the Supplementary Supply Bill.

Wow!!! The company is in the news!!! And not for the profit it makes, but for the scandal it might have. Hahaha... (might is still there cause we don't know the whole truth kan???).

I wish it is all lies. At least, for the time being while I'm still here, the company will be in good condition and clean from the all the 'tohmahan dunia'. In my wishful thinking.

It hurts. After all the hard work and believe we put in the company, this is what we get paid for. O please, make it happen. And please happen. Business wise, we still can make it, if and only if, we are not mislead to the place called nowhere.

I believe the EXs, still want to see this company bloom, though they are not here anymore. We'll see...


What are they thinking???

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Time Traveler's Wife

It is Sophie's World in love.

Must read love story.

Must read fiction.

The back story of this novel is marvelous.

I'm on the cloud nine!!!

In short, I'm in love with this book. Thanks to Angelina Jolie for introducing me this book. And ya, I'll bring the Sophie's World for you. Later ya...

Monday, May 26, 2008


Today is not so good day.
From early in the morning till noon (at least, cause I'm writing this at noon).

The All Mercy send me lil gifts through sweet friends of mine.

Thanks to dearest Zhang Zi Yi and Nicole Kidman.


Having dinner at nearby restaurant. While waiting for the extra super special dish (that's why it takes long time to arrive), I was reading and of course observe other people.

At first, I saw an old lady inside a car, and a cute lil girl running back and forth from the car to her mom in the restaurant.

I assume, they are going to 'tapau' the food and having it at home. What makes my jaw drop was that, they (the mom and the lil gal) were having their dinner at the restaurant while leaving the old lady (mom to the mom / grandma) inside the car.

Can't the old lady join them at the table? Then why bother taking her out at the first place? So pathetic looking at the old lady, alone, inside the car, while her family members were having dinner in the restaurant.

Please guide me to kindness...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Basic Programming of My Life

m = month

Life value depleting;

If I were to stay;

m < 3; I need to learn to be happy. 3 < m < 12; I need to get medication. }

I have go away;


Friday, May 23, 2008

The Race Is On!!!

It is finally decided that our race become official. There are four contestants to compete in this race.

  1. Caieja
  2. d3mon|c
  3. Tenno
  4. Chocolate Fountain
The Objective
The pursuit of happiness.

Modus Operandi
  1. All participants start with 0 merits.
  2. All participant report all progress to the blog owner. The progress shall include
    • Application = 2
    • Fail application = -1
    • Interview = 3
    • Fail interview = -2
    • Offer = 5
    • Tender = 10
    • Last day = 20 automatic winner
  3. The progress shall be updated weekly.
  4. The winner will be evaluated by having the highest marks as well as who is leaving the company first.
  5. And of course, the winner is entitled a treat by colleague at the place of their interest.
  6. The first update shall be published on 30 May 2008.
Members of the page,
Anyone dare to join us?

Best Email of The Year - 2008

This email is nominated as the best email circulated in X Company.

Dear All,
Our apologies, due an unforeseen circumstances, the salary increment will not be in this month's payroll. We will be paying the increment into June salary.
We regret for the inconvenienced caused.
Dooh... Thank you for the late notice. We are touched by your sincerity in taking care of your employees welfare.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 Reasons Why There is No Reason to Stay

  1. The works, suck.
  2. The management, suck.
  3. The people I care, gone.
  4. The pay, suck.
  5. The planning suck.
  6. The drive, zero.
  7. The reason to stay, nil.
  8. The objective, shoot to the moon.
  9. The execution, snail mover.
  10. The execs, coolie with the neck tie.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wedding #01

Congratulations to Munirah & Taufik!!!
Munirah looks so pretty and stunning in her wedding dress. And the "kampung style" foods, the yummy finger licking good ayam gogheng + nasi putih + lemak rebung + sambal mempelam ... it really makes my day. =)

And Jessica Alba, in her last few days, come out with a very very cute statement. (Bare in mind, she never taste rebung before.)
"Kiranya rasa rebung ni macam rasa macam nangka la yer?"
No, Jessica. Taste of rebung not equal to nangka.
Though there is rebung masak lemak.
And there is nangka masak lemak.
But rebung is not equal to nangka.
As rebung is not equal to labu.
Later, I can teach "penaakulan mantik". Jessica, you are so cute in pink. wink wink =)

5 reasons why I must read

1. Reading keeps me distracted from unbearable distressing life I've been through.

Reads help me in many ways. It keeps me astray from thinking the unfortunate events happened in my life. From "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", it is said that, we keep thinking the same thing over and over again. Mostly negative. To my horror, what we think, comes the action. From the action, comes the HABIT. Thus, I must keep my mind to think bout new stuff so that it won't be filled with negative thought and sadness. Come on. Life is something we really need to enjoy, and cherish every second of it.

2. I want my mind to stay healthy, longer.
My hypothesis:
If I'm happy, I'm healthy.
Reading makes me happy.
Thus, reading makes me healthy.

3. It makes me feel good, boosts up my ego.

Reading open up my horizon. Though I'm full with flaws and weaknesses, but I'm the Master of Jedi of Bullshit because I read. I bet, I haven't got a chance to chit chatting with interesting people I know around me if I don't read simply because I need to find topic of their interest. And of course, it varies from sports, movie, politics and economics. I don't mean by reading you'll master the topics, but at least we could break the ice and show interest on what they are good in. Once people feel appreciated, they will keep you close at heart. ;)

4. My 24/7 occupied wisely.

Nothing else to do meh. Just read la. And from reading, I want to learn to write. Oh how I wish I could write what I feel and what I think. I'm learning.

5. I'm preparing for something that I'm not really sure what it is.

I'm full with intuition. I believe I'm preparing myself for something that me myself not sure of it. But yea, I know it is for good. Since reading is good, so I guess it is not a waste to invest in a hobby named "READING". It is a hobby, it is a tool to acquire knowledge, it is a stimulant. It is all in one.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Books Donation

Special Thanks to:

Amier Ariff - from his own collection
Amal - Thanks
Mariah Mustapha - Thanks sangat2 :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Dear friends,

Keep flying to reach out your dreams. For I'll be praying and wishing you all the happiness and joy in life. I'm glad, once in my life journey, my path intersect with yours. Hope one day, we'll meet again.

11 Cardinal Rules Of Human Relations

Call people by name
It's the sweetest sound to anyone's ears.
When you use a person's name, you personalize your message; it becomes their own. It also communicates that you care and that you find the person memorable. It's a deceptively simple tool to lower people's guards, since it establishes a bond. Pepper your sentences with names, and start questions with them, like, "Iqbal, how are you doing today?"

Admit that you're wrong
You may think that you're losing face if you own up to a mistake. Don't. Recognizing one's own errors is one of the workplace's most honorable acts, since so few people do. Learn how to put your ego aside and admit that you aren't perfect. Just don't overdo it in an "I blew it" e-mail to the whole office, or by gushing apologies at a meeting. A simple, "I made a mistake and I realize it," is all that's required.

Hold people to high standards
A few among us, commonly labeled control freaks, seem to think that no one but themselves can do things competently. Don't be one of these people. Trust the abilities of others. In fact, trust them to do the best job possible. It's not about having excessively high expectations. Believing in a person encourages him to really do his best not to disappoint. At the same time, be patient with those still getting the hand of a new task.

Show sincere interest
"How's your day, Steve? Good. Okay, I need you to go over some numbers for me." That's not showing interest, that's sputtering out canned niceties like that boss in Office Space . Everyone in your office has a rich history of interests, experiences and styles. Find out about those around you, even if you have nothing in common.
If a colleague says he likes online game competitions, ask him questions about it -- even if you couldn't care less. Not only can you learn something new, you'll score points if you bring it up at a later point. People like being remembered.

Stick to your word and know when to shut it...

Offer praise
Don't just say "good job." Be specific in your praise and show that you're aware of what the other person actually did. "You steered that meeting very well, Mike, especially when everyone was distracted," is a good example. At the same time, be sparse with criticism. Dole it out only when truly needed, and spin it as constructive advice from a trusted friend.

Keep your word
Don't say you'll do something if you have no intention of following through. Your credibility hangs heavily on your word. If you flake on your promises, you won't be entrusted with critical tasks, and you won't likely go far in your career.

Show your gratitude
If someone does you a favor or goes out of their way to get something done for you, make sure you recognize their efforts. You're not automatically entitled to favors, and nobody owes you their extra mile. If you receive one, thank the person and offer to do something in return.

Be considerate
Never assume people will take your words at face value. Some will naturally comb every word a person says, looking for a personal affront. You can't change these people, but you can structure your sentences carefully around them. Think before you talk and make sure there are no ambiguities that could be misinterpreted.

It's also by making the effort to understand others' points of view that you preclude misunderstandings. You may deeply believe that you are right, but realize that others think the same way about their ideas and beliefs. You have to respect their opinions, and see why they think the way they do. Instead of arguing, ask others to explain their positions. You don't have to agree, but you can say, "I understand where you're coming from."

Give of yourself
Step out of your job description once in a while and help others with their tasks. Do this without having to be asked. Saying, "Need a hand there?" has a twofold effect. First, you encourage others to give of themselves, creating a more positive workplace. Second, you buy yourself a future favor, since kindness always comes back. It goes with "what you give, you'll get back".

Be humble
Obvious efforts to impress your colleagues and superiors will do just the opposite. No one likes a showoff. If you're aching to have your accomplishments acknowledged, you'll simply have to exercise more patience. Your achievements will gain genuine approval if you let people discover them instead of flashing it in their faces. And if you play down your successes, you'll be even more respected for your humility.

Help others save face
Everyone makes blunders. Think back to the last time you made an embarrassing gaffe. Didn't you wish someone would step up and play down the seriousness of it? Then do the same for others. Laugh off the faux pas with the person (not at him) with a friendly slap on the shoulder, saying, "It happens to the best of us." Reassure him and others it's not the end of the world. If it's appropriate, say nothing instead of bringing needless attention to the mistake.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Honesty is the best policy

I'm not a writer nor a poet. But I'm an observant that sees my world through other dimension, usually astray from the majority. While I'm fighting for other post in the company (being more technical rather than all these fancy paper work), I share with the boSS my future planning, which is to leave the company.

Of course we can expect the consequences. The chance for me to relocate to the job I prefer will be very SLIM. But, to my astonishment, I have that peace of mind. I'm doing good not just for me, but also, being fair to the company.

Life is all about what you belive in. I believe in kindness. I believe in what you give, you'll get back (just don't want to use karma, it sounds so lalala). I believe in honesty. Hope, the road for me to victory will be made easy. If not easy, the path that I'll be able to go through, or at least I'll bee given enough strength to move forward without hesitation.

Life is like that... Whether you like it or not...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Browse through a few resume today...

Ternampak plak yang klakar2 ni...

1. ... which state that were involve in progressive work in innovation of human life using new technologies.
Me: Hello dear... It is "Bringing innovation to life". Not innovate human life using new technologies. We do not change living human being. We are not Nip & Tuck. Sorry. Wrong place.

2. If I can answer any further question, please feel free to contact me at the telephone number listed above.
Me: Of course if we call you, you have to answer kan... Use standard format kan senang, i.e. kindly contact me at the above number and la la la...

3. I would consider it a privilege if I am given the opportunity and I am confident that I am suitable candidate to fill the post.
Me: I think what it means is " It is a pleasure / advantage if I were given the opportunity to work in your company. "

4. And I found "It is really obliged if we could discuss more about my qualification" in two applications!. And when I check their qualification, they are from the same Uni. They must have a subject in resume writing, they sat next to each other and "nanti aku tiru hang punya resume nooo...". lol.

Enough la... Hihihi... Dear all, please prepare short and brief cover letter before your letter falls to naughty staff like me.

Have a nice job hunting.


Silalah tgk2 gambar yg kwn aku lukis. SUPPA KAWAI!!!

Antara komentar yg aku terima dari kekawan yang tgk gambar ni:

1: Nak!!!
2: Aku nak ngorat kawan ko ni bole? (Aku tatau Imran layan laki ke tak... hihi)
3: Pensel ape kawan u pakai?
4: Kawan ko bole lukis potret tak? (Bole...)
5: (Setibanya di meja aku...) Wahhh... lawa siot...

I know this talented artist since I was in secondary school. This guy, despite of being very meticulous in his drawing (that's why he always threw away all his drawing... i guess), he is also a very soft hearted and generous friend.

Day 1
Me: Imran nak 2 hengget
Imran: Nah...

day 2
Me: Imran, nak duit
Imran: nah... (sambil hulur RM2)

day 3
Me: Nak duit!!!
Imran: Nah... (sambil bagi 60 sen)
Me: Eh.. tak pelaaa... kalao takde duit aku tak nak... hihi
Imran: tak pe laaa... amik laaa... (gaya konon cool)
Me: tak nak ... tak nak.. (sambil lari ke kelas sebelah)

5 minit selepas itu
Imran: Nah (sambil bagi air kotak yang aku kompem bernilai 60 sen itu)
Me: Memeseh... (dan SUMPAH, lepas tu aku tak mintak lagi duit ngan Imran)

For that, aku rasa aku mmg selayaknye jadi pemeras ugut atau bonzer berjaya dengan kebolehan itu dari kecik...

And I'm glad we are still friends... :p

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Makes me happy

This is the thing that keeps my spirit up and force me to complete my works ASAP in here.

Dr, this is just a question out of my curiosity. After
your perusal upon myapplication, do I stand any chance
of being accepted into your department?

Thanks Dr.


and her answer

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tanah Tujuh::Antares

A copy of Tanah Tujuh is already in my hand. Soon, the Tanah Tujuh will be out from the list. Any new book???