Friday, March 28, 2014

Candy Bar

Thanks to cousin for letting us experiment something during your wedding. And yes, there is a lot to improve, but above all, we are happy to prepare our simple candy bar for your ceremony.

The last one is decorated pulut kuning (yellow sticky rice) in substitute with normal cake. This fun loving decoration was done by the cousins and aunt. 

For the bride, may Allah bless you always... and thanks for the chance. xox

Monday, March 10, 2014


My new boredom killer... Baking...
Well, Thirteen said stay away from dessert cart if we are on diet, but baking is all about dessert and sweetness and cuteness.. Oh my!

Started with helping my sis, and suddenly im so into it... lol...
Im indulging myself in baking and decorating, even though not as skillful yet but I guess Im not that bad...

Hopefully more chance will come...

My red velvet before covering it with cream cheese
Kind of... will update more on cookies and other related experiments.