Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My New Experience in New Place

Working here is very "new". From biotech, I made a nice U-turn to pharmaceutical industry in which, I have zero knowledge in it. It is a GAMBLE.

I start to crack my head. I know I’m starting late. I blame it on me cause I was busy, completing jobs from previous company. Stupido me. But, hey... it’s me.

I start to learn scientific name of the drugs we usually consumed, like Mefenamic Acid for Ponstel (usually pronounced as Ponstant). I start to flip flop the USP... Thanks to Mademoiselle Head of QC, for introducing me with USP and teach me how to make use of this “thick boring book that contains a lot of information but can bring you to sleep”. I start to do a lot of thing that once in previous company I was so thankful that I did not have to bother about it like meeting with suppliers, dealing with finance, reviewing documents, etc. Rasakan sendiri... LOLZ to me-self.

It is experience of a lifetime. Hopefully this move will bring me benefits and lots of new adventure.

Welcome Tenno!!!
D3mon|c & Ibu Adam, your time will come. oh... And also Choco Fountain, and also Mama Nana, and also ... (the list continue i guess).

Monday, June 22, 2009

Anonymous Lawyer

In awe with Anonymous Lawyer. Funny and witty. Must read for those who loves sarcasm. Visit his website as in ::The Writers::.

Thanks to FJ for the book.

Looking forward to read "The Man In Iron Mask".


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pasar Pagi @ Pasar Cina

Near to my house, there is Pasar Pagi, or people call it here as 'Pasar Cina' because most of the penjaja are Chinese. It takes less than 10 mins walking from my house to get to Pasar Pagi.

The Pasar Pagi is more or less like pasar malam, but less ready made food (nasi lemak, ayam goreng, murtabak, apam balik and stuff). Here, they sell very fresh veggie and fruits, poultry and two or three stalls selling ready made breakfast.

To my amusement, they also sell strawberries, cherries, nectarine, lemon and some rare vegie. It is so fresh as compared to supermarket. Even the price is cheaper, if I were to compare the price with KL price.

(Yes... I googled the pics. Manala tau lupa rupa cherry macam mana.. wink wink)

Oh... here, they sell the best Tau Fu Fa!!! Come come, I belanja makan tau fu fa and soya milk.

The Pasar Pagi is there since before I were born. I remember following my late Tok (grandma) to pasar. That time I was so happy if Tok bring me to pasar. And now, I accompany my Mummy to pasar every morning (o_o)v. Though I am not as excited visiting pasar pagi as I were a kid, but I still like pasar pagi very much.

The idea of Pasar Pagi is very practical. There should be MORE pasar pagi to cater the need of fresh foods for healthy citizen!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now, here I am

After a week, I think I've got my license to say what I feel about my new job.

Of course, there are SO MANY things I miss in my old company, but I have to live in present kan...

My routine activities is getting better (at least in this 2 weeks). I can wake up voluntarily without the alarm ringing, healthier foods, more time to read and etc.

While my job scope, is far wider that I expected. I don't know how I'm going to go about it, but I have to give it a try.

I have 3 different boss, with 3 different mentality regarding the project. Yay... as always.

I miss my friends back then in my previous company. So many faces and memories. Especially my Makan2 mate, my Alamanda mate, my Clark mate, my Biggest Loser mate, my Reading mate erm... my Walkie-Talkie mate, my Futsal mate, my Gossip mate, my Apple mate and the list goes on.

And here, besides I have to start all over again, I believe it is going to be different.

The view here is great! On the hilltop. But I still miss KLIA. The place I ran to whenever I think I have no place to go and hid big self.

Shouldn't I write about my new job?

Anyway, I'm adapting with my new job, and environment. The rest, is memories. But friendship remains, whenever we are.

Credit to: Poleena@deviantart

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Day

My new day, at new place with new faces...

Owh... pagi tadi kene tahan polis on the way nak pegi keje... Apahal!