Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Conversation...

Had another conversation, with a different person, again about life and achievement. Only this time, I couldn't console myself like I did before. There are emptiness and despair that is so hard to explain. I wasn't crying but my eyes are sweating. I assume I work as hard as others to reach out for my dreams, but I haven't reach there yet... Why??? Where does it goes wrong??? At which junction that I made such a silly mistake that results where I'm right now? I'm thankful for what life had offers me, it just I believe there is more. And I want to achieve that MORE because I feels like I'm marching but the result as if I'm wandering....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Imaginary Friends

Have you got one? Imaginary friend I mean... Nope?

Picture: Pauline Yiu,

Besides wonderful friends around me, I do have MANY imaginary friends. Most of them are my belongings.

Yes Tia... After Anas been taken away so cruelly, I stop to have any imaginary friend, FOR A WHILE. hehe...

Then, comes a friend, who taught me to be nice to EVERYTHING, not only to EVERYBODY but also EVERYTHING. From there on, not only I say thanks to almost all instrument that help me through the day like printers, computers, and machine, but I also talk to them.

My favourite friend among them is my car, namely Chibi. I feel so in touch with her. One day, I asked her, why the car doesn't perform well, I feel like she said that her leg hurts. I stop at the petrol station nearby to fill in the air, to my disbelief, the tyre was cut open. I could see the wire inside it. Since it was at the petrol station, so I asked for help to change the tyre. I just can't imagine what will happened to me if I continue the journey.

I know it just a lucky coincident rather than me talking to her, but yea.. why not being nice to everything around us isn't?.

So, be nice to everybody, be nice to everything. We never knew when the kindness come back to us in a very miraculous way. Have a good day being nice.

Me self also need to be nice!

*Anas is a cute yellow fridge magnet duck. Miss him...

** Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. ~Author Unknown