Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Empty... Lost... And lonely.

And these feelings are strangers to me though once they were my best friend.

Ever since you came, they hid in the colors of a dark night.

Suddenly they appear, like a fireworks in daylight.

Obvious but disturbing.


Happiness are peeping.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last week had been a very long and tiring week. Many activities ran concurrent and it sucks my energy and patience.

The system drives me crazy. We stayed back until 2 am to do adjusting. Again and again. The engineer who suppose to be my enemy at the moment is someone I really look up to. Being very committed at work, sharp and hardworking... He gets my WOW!. He taught me many things about engineering and it knocks me hard. At that moment, all I know he is somebody from the company. Pull-stop.

SURPRISE!!!! Today, I know he is the CEO of the company. WOW WOW... My chin drops.

It is not the CEO thingy that receive my salutation. It is all about his attitude towards his work, the determination to solve the problem, and the engineers attitude that I haven't seen for quite sometimes. The CEO factor is really an additional spice to this admiration to his work attitude. Can you imagine CEO for Class A Contractor is doing the adjusting by himself at 2 am?

He carries what he said. Real gentleman I should call him. However, since the system still facing some difficulties, I have to be a petty client and keep on make his job harder and harder. Seriously, I wish I could be someone like him. One day...

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Note To A Friend

My friend,

When the reality hits you hard, and it seems far from what you dream of, believe me... you are just a few steps away from your fate. Never give in... Never doubt... If you need to rest, slow down your phase, but never surrender. Take your step with a little bit more patient, one by one... Keep the prayer close to your heart. And when you feel lonely as no one ever listen to you, He is always there, to love and to protect someone as wonderful as you are. I might not be the best friend you wished for, but I do hope you are blessed and loved by Him for all the kindness and support that you shared with me. Keep your chin up, put back the smile on your lips, and face the world with courage. Be patient, and the pain will wash away...

Image: Hand by deckchairs@deviantart

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Thanks you my Almighty... Because the strength that you gave me, I was able to apologize to him to save the situation. And today, here I am, standing as a proud girl, to communicate with him as usual. And the sweetest part, he admit it... Thank you.