Sunday, March 29, 2015

Second Chance

All I need is a second chance,
to make things right,
to turn darkness to bright;
so all the burdens feels so light.

Do I really need a second chance?
When it just a scattered dreams,
Layers of feelings, that overlapped with each other,
buried the real deal, hide the meaning, shut down everything

I just want to sit in one corner,
Not to cry,
Just want to be thankful,
For HE still lend me rationality and patient,
to see things objectively.
This challenge is the challenge that I dare not to try again,
as I would fall again and again to that sweet smile

I wish you well,
I wish you all the happiness,
May he bless you with the best of His blessing.
Im not the lucky one to be by your side, but I am lucky enough to realize that I always have Him by my side, everytime every single time.

Good night... I am tired. I wanna have rest from feelings. At least for a while.