Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yes... I'm a girl. So what?

I feel cheated with you guys. FINE if you are consultants, or contractors or whatever you are.. but playing nice in front of me and then insulting me at the back??? Hiding the facts from me??? What do you think I am? BOZO? Oh well... nice charade you play.

I wish I didn't go there and bring back this burdened feeling. I wish I know nothing about all of you. I wish I don't have to do what I did for you. I wish all of you just a flying dust that pass me by.

Seriously, how should I face all these hypocrites? Curse you!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Thing I Miss To Do

I miss my stupid Saturday.

Wake up early in the morning, have a good breakfast, get myself a cup of latte, and drive straight to the airport. Park my car, and read. Be it magazine, newspaper or book. Spend hours for reading, enjoying latte, catching up to the latest hits, healing my soul with the views, projecting hope by seeing the flight pass by. I miss my stupid Saturday...

Result: Happy heart and recharged spirit to see tomorrow.

P/S: Owh... Congratulations to Ekkie for the newborn baby.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Valuable Lesson 2

Working out late last night. Had a good conversation with one wise guy. We always be reminded to keep positive, very rare we were guided on how to take the pain / hardship.

According to him "Enjoy the pain, eventually the payback of the hard work will come back to you". The harder the grapes are squeezed, the better the wine we get."

To all hardworking fellows, never give up. Just give out your best and live & enjoy every moment of your life.

Thank you Mr Wise Man for a chat that knocked my head.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trust & Entrusted

Everyday, we pray "show us the right path".

And yet, we still doubt the path that we chose.

Then why, in the end of the day, the challenge always come back to us? Hits us right to the face, punches us, stabs us, brings out the animal inside us. To the extend, we surrender, and admit this is not our game, and yet the game must goes on. We fight barehanded, to survive.

Is it because of our incompetency that we are challenged? Or simply, because HE never stop believing in us?

If HE believes in us, so who are we to deny that?