Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yes... I'm a girl. So what?

I feel cheated with you guys. FINE if you are consultants, or contractors or whatever you are.. but playing nice in front of me and then insulting me at the back??? Hiding the facts from me??? What do you think I am? BOZO? Oh well... nice charade you play.

I wish I didn't go there and bring back this burdened feeling. I wish I know nothing about all of you. I wish I don't have to do what I did for you. I wish all of you just a flying dust that pass me by.

Seriously, how should I face all these hypocrites? Curse you!!!


fusarium solani said...



Marah benar nampaknya. Sabar ya.

FJ said...

sapa yang mess with syaja nih. heh

vladislav said...

"keap ya head up"

avareavare said...

it's as it is, you know, a lotta people will pretend and fake almost anything to reach an aim they have in mind. and there is nothing you can do. but distrusting everyone is not good either. this would be a pretty lonely life. so what can you do? maybe be skeptical at first and get rid of that skepticism bit by bit as you get to know that person.

-pi- said...

everything happen for a reason. even if we are at the wrong place, wrong time, wrong date, it might not be wrong at all. sometimes Allah wants to educate us or HE wants us to do something about it. just do whatever we could do and the rest up to HIM to decide.

Anonymous said...

i like avareavare is a risk...people is the hazard. whether we like it or not, we have to trust someone but not anyone, as we are onli human that require that sense of belonging and companionship.....and we have the weakest distinct property - feelings!


Caieja said...

::fusarium solani::
Apabila emosi menggila, akal rasional bagai tiada makna

Adala yg nak kene diajar...

TQ. I will.

it is hard to ignore them, but its harder to acknowledge that kind of people do exist in this world. I wish i have the courage to fight them

I working hard to face it with courage.

Sometimes.. rationality is one foolish act