Thursday, July 2, 2015


I accidentally read some political post that relates to economic and islamic society or jemaah. Be it from any group, I still feel despair....

It started when I start to dig in Greece economic issue. It is bad time for them, let's pray, hopefully the All Mighty All Merciful ease their pain, especially those old folks that loses their money. Keep on praying peeps! That the lease we can do.

Hmm... Then the plot is thickening where my attention was directed to 1MDB issues and this guy, kind of afgue why non (from his pov) from Islamic NGO claim or make noise about this issue. And yes, there were replies from many sides. Hmm... Like seriously we have so many Islamic groups? What makes me feel a lil bit sick (too much of melodrama here? No?) is that they quarrel or disagree about things that I think should be put aside. Why not you guys, the intellectual from jemaah, man with integrity sit together and have a sleepless night discussing about this issue before quarreling in public. Is that what you learn from your long tarbiyyah? Provoking your brother in other jemaah? What? I just can't register that.

Malaysia is a small country. We don't have strong union to protect our currency as Euro tried to protect Greece. And yet you guys still mouth fighting? Really? Can't you see that even when Greece change their PM, they still in chaos because the citizen already lost their respect and no longer have one vision. Everybody here is too occupied with their own thoughts and think that they are right, or MAKSUM. Come guys, you can do better. Unity in Malaysia is more challenging because not only we have different races, now we have different Malay-Islamic sect... again, seriously... does this need to happen?

Be the change you want to see in the world. Start to change our attitude before blaming what others did... What others did is uncontrollable. You only can control yourself, if only you have control over your brain and mouth.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

You there who has his heart

You there,
Yes you there who own his heart,
Promise me to take care of him,
Never ever hurt him... Promise!

I guess the destiny is not meant to be mine,
I was only been given a privilege to adore him,
But I will always want him as happy as he inspire me to be,
So you, there... care for him, love him unconditionally.

I will never ruin his perfect future with you,
He deserve what he deserve,
I will back off, but my step will be full of prayer,
for him and for you.
For him because I love him,
and for you to ensure he received plenty of love and care.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Second Chance

All I need is a second chance,
to make things right,
to turn darkness to bright;
so all the burdens feels so light.

Do I really need a second chance?
When it just a scattered dreams,
Layers of feelings, that overlapped with each other,
buried the real deal, hide the meaning, shut down everything

I just want to sit in one corner,
Not to cry,
Just want to be thankful,
For HE still lend me rationality and patient,
to see things objectively.
This challenge is the challenge that I dare not to try again,
as I would fall again and again to that sweet smile

I wish you well,
I wish you all the happiness,
May he bless you with the best of His blessing.
Im not the lucky one to be by your side, but I am lucky enough to realize that I always have Him by my side, everytime every single time.

Good night... I am tired. I wanna have rest from feelings. At least for a while.