Thursday, August 12, 2010


Even the stars...
Shine a bit bright I've notice,
When you are close to me...
Still it remains a mystery...
~Lea Salonga, We Could Be in Love~

Yep... The stars shines brightly tonight. There is a beautiful big star shining at the east... and the rest of the stars scattered from the east towards the south. I don't know whether there really a lot of stars tonight or because I started to feel relieved.

The Al-Mighty,
Thank you for the call...


When we are lost in the midst of confusion, we seek for a helping hand to help us to go through. That warm hand that will guide us through the coldest and darkest night. We blindly put trust because we have no where to turn to.

When the dawn come, suddenly it appears that the warm hand is just a part of a dream, a dream that will not come true. And there again, we sat still, confuse... but even more painful, because when the reality strike, we realize that it is twice a hit.


A squirrel playing along the roadside makes me ponder about something... While I am demanding for a betterment, there are so much room for joy and happiness that I could not see...

Plus, I don't know, how much time is left for me to breath. Is it worth to consume all the pain? Or is it wise to rejoice happiness only? If today was my last day, what would I do?

1. Take a leave
2. Talk to my mom
3. Talk to that someone

Above all, I would like to apologize to all for the wrong doing and heart breaking conversation, lost faith in friendship, and whatever sweetness & bitterness that we've shared all through our life journey.

Salam Ramadhan Al- Kareem. May your smile be as bright as the moon in Ramadhan.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Note to A Friend

Dear Sweetheart,

Yes, I know I was being extremely stubborn in dealing the 'case'. It is not that I would not listen, just give me sometimes... I'll decide accordingly.

I know you and others are worried about the situation, but believe me, the harder part is always on me because I'm the one facing it, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. I'm struggling with my feeling and yet I have to keep my rationality above all because the work here expecting me to produce miracle.

My friend, dearest friend,

Please be there for me, and please don't stop praying for me. Whatever you said is all true, but please trust me. Thank you for being the light when I'm in dark, it just, this darkness is escapism that avoids me to see the pain out there. When I'm a lil bit stronger, I'll open my eyes, and face the pain, again, with courage. This is my promise to you.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ahlan Ya Ramadhan!

The Darkness

The darkness attracts the presence of light. Without darkness, the illumination have no meaning...