Friday, September 26, 2008


Al-Fatihah untuk Allahyarham Ali bin Aminah, the cutest grandpa on earth.

Remember when I said go and visit the elders when they are still healthy and strong? Because, whenever you go and visit them when they no longer can express a word, not even a single breath, you only feel lost and regret.

Regret for the love hardly shown.
Regret for the kindness rarely shared.
Regret for the sweet words vaguely uttered.
Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable. (Sydney J. Harris)

Thus, appreciate your loved one while they are here, in the same dimension with us. Never be too stingy to share your affectionate for someone you care. This is a community service messages.

For those who send me encouraging notes n sms, thanks a lot. Really appreciate it. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My 2 cents

I know we are all in hari raya mood, hari raya environment, hari raya everything. But can someone share with me what is hari raya is all about???

Is hari raya is about kuih raya? or baju raya? lagu raya? mercun? at least sekarang dah takde kad raya...

I'm tired answering questions such;

"Dah beli baju raya?"

"Buat kuih ape tahun ni?"

as well as keep listening to hari raya song everyday. Cliche.

Hari raya is the day we celebrating the victory against our nafs. Just imagine, after all the effort to control our desire during the holy month of Ramadhan (no eating, no drinking, no mengumpating, no here no there), we spent like hell for one day occasion? Is that what our religion teach us??? Na.... I don't think so.

During the hari raya, we are advised to wear CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL cloth. Fine if you want to have new cloth for hari raya, but to have it like 3, 4, 5 pasang... hehehe... just a nice U-turn to our old habit after it was nicely refined during Ramadhan.

It just my 2 cents. The spirit of hari raya is more than all the above. It is about love, forgiveness, sharing and togetherness...

Selamat Hari Raya...

And Selamat Menghayati the True Meaning of Hari Raya...

Maaf Zahir Batin

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gold Coast

Was having iftar with my teammate at Bagan Lalang yesterday. Mesmerized by the idea of the Sepang Gold Coast. I think it is the first in semenanjung to apply that concept (the one in Sipadan almost the same concept, tapi nama die bukan Sipadan Gold Coast), even though ada je Gold Coast lain kat dunia ni.

Love these bamboo trees... Cantik sangat... (at office a.k.a rumah contoh die)

The villas under construction...

It suppose to turn to something like this later...Well, even though location tak strategik langsung (next to ladang 'u know what' & the west coast pantai not as nice as the east coast pantai), but the idea of rumah atas air, tepi pantai sungguh la menenangkan perasaan.

Tetiba teringat cerita 'Il Mare'.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Like to see these small flowers...

You only find the beauty, if you really look for it... Or else, it just a small unnoticed pink flowers by the track.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Abdullah, Najib swap portfolios

PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced he would be handing over the Finance Ministry portfolio to his deputy. In a direct swap, Abdullah would take over the Defence Ministry from Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Prime Minister announced this at a press conference Wednesday.

The swap of duties is to take effect immediately.

The move is part of the agreed transition plan which both Abdullah and Najib reaffirmed on Wednesday.

In July, Abdullah and Najib agreed to the transition plan for the Prime Minister to hand over power to him in 2010. The plan was endorsed by the party supreme council later.

What good it brings???

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Berbuka with Family

It was awesome!!!

Went home last week. Not knowing that my other siblings will be home as well.

The outcome

1. Juicy and tender daging batang pinang yang dipanggang. Minimal marinate brings out the natural taste of the meat. Salutation to Abg Zul for the nicely grilled daging batang pinang.

2. All time favorite caramel pudding. Spek, nanti ko balik sini, baru buat puding ni eh... Nanti jadi nasi lemak lagi. :p Anyway, Kak Long mmg selalu ingat ko kalau buat pudding ni.

3. Erm... Ketam masak lemak... Not actually my fav.

4. And home made karipap. Kentang and daging. Bukan fully kentang or keledek. Hihi... And yes, pada sesiapa yang terhiris, terguris tu... inilah karipap nye.

And also Murtabak pekan, cream puff, laksa putih, pais tempoyak, sayur and lalala... I was freak out tgk seme makanan penuh meja... But, since it always once in the blue moon that we manage to gather all of the siblings, I think it was cool. The smiles on my parents face... LOVELY.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

To D3mon|c,

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Wish to send ya a huge birthday cake, but it was on holiday...

But still,

Wishing ya all the best of joy and happiness for you n Rahsia... :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Things Pop Out from My Workstation

These are stuff that randomly pop out onto my desk. Usually it appears early in the morning or at any other unspecific time. :)

Like this chocolate;

or this CD;

or this fancy pen;

or this breakfast;

or this Nescafe (which i received it like 3 days in a row + banyak2 kali at other random time);

or this tudung here;

or this kuceng...To all who surprised me with all this sweet stuff popping out onto my workstation, thanks. It really makes my day(s). Thanks sgt2!!!

It's Over


It's over...

Kalau kene buang kerja, tolong la tgk2kan kerja baru untuk saya...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadhan Al Mubarak

To all,

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa. Semoga dapat mendekatkan diri kepada-Nya, memahami ciptaan-Nya, meredhai setiap ketentuan-Nya.

Life is not always beauty, but the beaut is always subjective. Thus, find in every corner, the beauty of every creation and event.

Thousand apology for every misdeed and harsh words.

Hope everybody will gain lots of barakah during this blissful Ramadhan.

Thanks and sorry for everything.


All in One

I'm expecting very-very busy days in these two coming weeks. Thus, I wrap up all in one. In case kalau ada unforeseen circumstances.

1. Aki
Visited him last week, when I went back to Kuantan. Though he is still healthy, it is a commitment I need to fulfill.

I hate the idea visiting the elders when they are sick. When they are sick, there is no more happiness and love in the visit. It is more on wishing him well and speedy recovery. Sometimes, during severe illness, they don't even remember us anymore.

Thus, for those who still have their elders around, regardless who they are, Aki, Tok, Mak Ngah, Mak Ndak, Pak Long... name it all... visits them. Show how important they are in your life even though they are not.

Yang muda, hormat yang tua. Yang tua, sayang pada yang muda.

::Do mind baju yang my Aki pakai... hehehe... every year he will receive like 3-5 free t-shirts like that... Guess should get him proper t-shirt to replace that one. (n_n)v ::

2. Ketupat sotong / Sotong sumbatMy favorite dish.

I don't usually fancy sticky rice, but I really love seri muka and ketupat sotong. These are exceptional. :p

The pembikinan of the ketupat sotong is not hard at all.

Prepare the sticky rice, add with coconut milk.

Once ready, stuff it into the medium size squid.

Then, bring to boil the stuffed squid with coconut milk, lil bit of salt, onion and 'halba'.

Walla'... Stuffed squid. Sedap dimakan masa bulan puasa. :)

3. Friends from London

They are leaving, next week. Half of me, feels the lost but I'm used to it. Ppl come, ppl go.

Blame it on them and that Germany guy for my getting poor bahasa... (hehe... mmg best salahkan org).

See... How happy she is conteng2 my workstation.

I learn something precious from her. BE VOCAL!!! Just say whatever you feel (but I can't practice it too much because of my sarcasm). Hihi...

"In the end, everything will be OK, if it is not OK, then it is not the end" ::Salma::

Am going to miss the time explaining everything to her...

After this, bet no one ever dare to conteng2 my workstation anymore.

4. Why can't he park properly?

This is what "creative parker" means... If you are listening to Mix FM.

Feed The Fasting

It always a blessing for us to have 'sesuap nasi' everyday. Well, not just 'sesuap' but 'bersuap-suap' until our stomach is growling, and warn us to stop filling in. Hehehe... that's just a part of my imagination.

Say, for this coming Ramadhan, we share our blessing with the unfortunate by donating at least RM50 for a package of foods consist of rice, flour, salt, sugar, oil, sardines, and dates.

If you are interested to share;
Check out the details at IRM Website.
Or, bank in to: MBB Acc. No: 5621 4270 8704 / CIMB Acc. No: 1259 0000 804 058
Or, donate online if you are too lazy to do the above. :p
You may also choose the country you want to deliver your donation to!!!

My mummy always said, "sekali kita mudahkan hidup org lain, berkali2 Allah akan permudahkan hidup kite".

Renung-renungkan... dan selamat beramal... (Boyam, pinjam kata2 pakcik ko :p)