Monday, September 1, 2008

All in One

I'm expecting very-very busy days in these two coming weeks. Thus, I wrap up all in one. In case kalau ada unforeseen circumstances.

1. Aki
Visited him last week, when I went back to Kuantan. Though he is still healthy, it is a commitment I need to fulfill.

I hate the idea visiting the elders when they are sick. When they are sick, there is no more happiness and love in the visit. It is more on wishing him well and speedy recovery. Sometimes, during severe illness, they don't even remember us anymore.

Thus, for those who still have their elders around, regardless who they are, Aki, Tok, Mak Ngah, Mak Ndak, Pak Long... name it all... visits them. Show how important they are in your life even though they are not.

Yang muda, hormat yang tua. Yang tua, sayang pada yang muda.

::Do mind baju yang my Aki pakai... hehehe... every year he will receive like 3-5 free t-shirts like that... Guess should get him proper t-shirt to replace that one. (n_n)v ::

2. Ketupat sotong / Sotong sumbatMy favorite dish.

I don't usually fancy sticky rice, but I really love seri muka and ketupat sotong. These are exceptional. :p

The pembikinan of the ketupat sotong is not hard at all.

Prepare the sticky rice, add with coconut milk.

Once ready, stuff it into the medium size squid.

Then, bring to boil the stuffed squid with coconut milk, lil bit of salt, onion and 'halba'.

Walla'... Stuffed squid. Sedap dimakan masa bulan puasa. :)

3. Friends from London

They are leaving, next week. Half of me, feels the lost but I'm used to it. Ppl come, ppl go.

Blame it on them and that Germany guy for my getting poor bahasa... (hehe... mmg best salahkan org).

See... How happy she is conteng2 my workstation.

I learn something precious from her. BE VOCAL!!! Just say whatever you feel (but I can't practice it too much because of my sarcasm). Hihi...

"In the end, everything will be OK, if it is not OK, then it is not the end" ::Salma::

Am going to miss the time explaining everything to her...

After this, bet no one ever dare to conteng2 my workstation anymore.

4. Why can't he park properly?

This is what "creative parker" means... If you are listening to Mix FM.


boyam said...

tu sotong sumbat ke katak sumbat =)

wes, disable la verification word tuh!!!

slmt berposa dgn jayanya..

Caieja said...

katak sumbat aku kene try test dulu... hihihi

D3mOn|c said...

word verification FTW!!


word v

Firdaus Wahab said...

Syaja!! ajar2 sotong sumbat....
heheh sibuk mencari resipi ekspress ni..yg simple tp masih 'bon appetit' huhuhuh

tp yela...apsal kembung semcm je... mujur bukan ijou, klu tak aku dh ingt katak dah....huhuh

Caieja said...

Suke ati demo la...

::Firdaus wahab::
1. tanak beras pulut.
2. Dah siap, gaul ngan santan.
3. stuff the sticky rice inside the sotong.
4. then, masak stuffed sotong with santan, halba, garam and bawang besar.

if u like it sweet, bole je guna gula merah but without the halba and bawang.

Sukatan ikut suke...

memang la kembng, stuffed with pulut inside. Dush...

Spek... balik la raya!!!

q u e s t i a said...

Goodness gracious, me L O V E sotong sumbat like h*ll yeah!! Nanti aku dtg kuantan ko buatkan ek? hihi.. Do, komitmen aku pd org tua pon dh bertambah skrg since i'm pretty close dgn family angkat aku especially ngan apak n abg tik.sonoknya org raub dtg tido umah aku lastweek!! apak is 72 y/o yet so fit n tajam pendengaran n writes beautiful jawi n cursive writing! he taught me a lot of stuff n bahasa Sega too. i like the way he carries himself,comel sgt2,nnt aku tjk gmbr kat FS! ;)

Caieja said...

::q u e s t i a::

(why la u have to type ur name fancily)

tak payah balik kuantan pun bole buat sotong sumbat cik...

aku doubt akan jumpe sotong fresh kat sini... apa la yang fresh kat kl ni... hihi

wah!!! ko jumpe pakcik best. this must be cool. ko suruh la die cite zaman2 komunis tu. sure ada cite best.

D3mOn|c said...

syaja!! ajar2 katak sumbat!!


MIMIKO said...

jap jap..

baju ur aki pakai tu cam 'hello??'


Caieja said...

ganti sajo sotong tu ngan katak. masak lamo sket yo... takut keghas dagingnye laie...


die memang comel..

tapi masa kecik2 kan... kalau kiterong mandi sg., die bole jerit dari rumah, soh kitorang balik...

"BALIK! BALIK! Aki balao nanti!!!"

trans: balik, balik aki pukul nanti...