Friday, September 12, 2008

Things Pop Out from My Workstation

These are stuff that randomly pop out onto my desk. Usually it appears early in the morning or at any other unspecific time. :)

Like this chocolate;

or this CD;

or this fancy pen;

or this breakfast;

or this Nescafe (which i received it like 3 days in a row + banyak2 kali at other random time);

or this tudung here;

or this kuceng...To all who surprised me with all this sweet stuff popping out onto my workstation, thanks. It really makes my day(s). Thanks sgt2!!!


fusarium solani said...


bestnyer! seronokkan bila ada orang hargai kita...

Caieja said...

The appreciation comes in many ways, this is just a part of it...

Of course I love every single of it... :)