Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What You Give You Get Back

After the generous surprise of "Generation: The Young Malaysian Ideas" to a stranger of my life, everything seems so normal to me (sigh). Just like TOC reading without biofilm. Boring...

The intention of the book give away is to share the joyful feeling reading those brilliant and wit articles. I guess, die tak baca pun lagi buku tu even though the first chapter, cerita pasal binatang kegemaran die iaitu khinzir, atau nama klasiknya babi.

Thanks to my dear friend Jessica Alba (bukan nama sebenar :p), for showing me the feeling of receiving something out of nowhere by sending me ::Rihanna::good girl gone bad:: Yay!!! So nice... When everything seems so wrong and out of place, suddenly this sweet things come knock on my table.

To you who happened to read this:: The morale is to keep doing good. If you really do it for a good cause, HE will pay you. Maybe not by the same person, but by someone else. Sometimes, it is even better than what you expected. Believe me... Keep doing good... Keep swimming... Thanks Jessica...

For your tatapan, the cover page of ::Rihanna::good girl gone bad::