Saturday, April 12, 2008

Community Service II

13 April 2008 (ooo shoot!!! haven't wish Shah yet... allorrr... so forgetful I am)

4.00 p.m
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan XXX

I went back early... (giggle)...

Overall the program is OK laaa (rating 1 - 5, i give 2.5). This program is to instill the awareness to my dear (pity) adik-adik sekolah menengah on the bombing (konon) biotech industry in Malaysia. YAY!!!

I just wondering, how bored the students are at the program. With all the ceramahs, the lengthy talks bout biotech, and you can see them over dose with biotech...

Before the ceramahs

During and after the ceramahs
Even the facilitator also overdosed with the word biotech

From the talk, there are a few statements that I kindly slash them. How la you scientist buat kesimpulan that easy. Ishk... And you please la... know your audience. You cannot simply campainging biotech here and there, claiming biotech is the current wave. Are we ready for it? Do the students ready to understand? Can't you make it more educational(ada roh sket) instead of memenuhi seruan kerajaan?

The statement 1: 2% from world population refuse to use GMO/GMP. This number is negligible...
2% from population is banyak OK!!! It is not negligible. 2% don't want to use biotech product because they UNDERSTAND very much that GMP may have side effect. It is not they don't know or they are stupid. Bozo!!! Even those who refuse to use GMP is the educated one... Allloo... please la don't fool the student...

The statement 2: Ordinary tomatoes do not contain gene. Genetically modified ones do. True or false?
Of course la the answer is false. We know la coz we are in the industry. But school children? How do you expect them to know? I admit they are smarter that we are during school days, but here is Nilai ma... Educate first la... I bet, they don't even understand what gene is. (Or I under estimate them?)

The statement 3: Bila ilmu biotek ditemui?
A: Sejak tempe ditemui
B:6000 BC
C: 10 tahun dahulu
D: 50 tahun dahulu

The statement 4: Apa yang anda fikirkan bila terdengar perkataan bioteknologi?
Aliran sains tulen : teknologi bio yang membolehkan ...... (and the definition goes on)
Aliran lain : Biologi plus teknologi (even more accurate than the first one)
Pemandu teksi di Nilai: Ubat / kilang ubat
Commoner: Buat ubat. Even worst yg cakap pasal kacip fatimah and tongkat ali. can't have any other application kah???
Aliran saya: Pak Lah... (can or not?)

I do wish the student gain benefits from the program. I don't think they understand much, but I hope they can understand that biotech is much more than plastic CSI. (Why I didn't turn to be FBI agent??? X-File was a hot stuff back then... Or else now I might be flirting with alien from Planet Jauh)

In the end of the day, I know one of them gonna be one good sasterawan... Another "Ahadiat Akashah" maybe... (Bapak odoh, Anak cacat)


raihana said...

huhu.. even a bioprocess engineer oso didnt knw hw to put the definition of biotech precisely into words.. but 1 word which best describes it--> complicated.. or shud i say.. damn complicated?? *huuuu k.syaja~*

Caieja said...

Yea, validation engineer said waste of paper. By the way the professional done it, it looks naturally complicated, but can be acceptable. But, the way we put it... Gosh... And agak2 la macam mana bebudak tu nak paham???

q u e s t i a said...