Friday, April 18, 2008

Workshop with Kam Raslan

The seats are full (I think because it is free... I really think so!)

Without further a due, I contacted him (Kam Raslan) and ask for other workshop, if any. He replied:

Dear Syajaratul,

I'm sorry they turned you away. The workshop has been surprisingly overbooked. It was meant for 30 but now it's up to 60. I think that MPH might be putting on an extra date, but I'm not sure.

I do intend doing more workshops but not immediately, but hopefully soon. But the next workshops won't be free. Having said that, I'll make sure you get a special discount.

I'll email you when I know about the dates.

Ayo... So when is it? And I hope when he said special discount, he really means special. Anyway, I'll attend it even though there is no discount. He's cool.

This guy is so funny. He is so spontaneous in writing and what I admire the most is that he dares to say what he thinks. Maybe I should learn to accept criticize positively then I'll be open to others kot... I don't know.

Though this is my blog, but still I don't have the courage to pour everything on the site. Wish I could be that brave and daring. My wishful thinking said...

One of his book. Hilarious. Actually, you can always relate the 'cerita dongeng' to real incident. It is just the matter you realize it or not.