Tuesday, April 8, 2008


When SYAITANIC whisper keep playing in your ears... When the hatred and anger filling in all your nerves... And you keep loosing your sanity to lil insignificant moment... What shall you do? What shall I do? How to replace SYATANIC lullaby to ANGELIC harp?


raihana said...

k.syajaaaaa.... been thinking to evolve to heartless homo sapien but the angelic conscience hd neutralize the evil ones.. bole tak nak jadi jahat balik? so tired la....

Caieja said...


The angle: Dare not to think bout being evil as it will nourish the evil inside of you.

The evil: Jom la. Sekali sekala jadi jahat sket ape salahnya.

Me: Get your forehead on the ground gal... U know what I mean.