Monday, June 30, 2008

Meraikan posting yang ke-100!!!

Dari kite melangsungkan perasaan marah yg takkan sudah, marilah kite bersama-sama bergembira dgn ulangtahun posting ke-100 blog ini...

Kenapa saya perlu rasa gembira?
1. Sebab kelmarin saya diziarahi oleh Bonda tercinta.
2. Sebab saya dapat buku Sherlock Holmes dengan harga yang sungguh menyenangkan hati. Dan bahan bacaan ini dapat menampung stok bahan bacaan saya selama 2 bulan.
3. Sebab saya banyak kerja. Kalau saya takde kerja, bermakna saya tiada sumber pendapatan... Jadi biarlah macam ni.
4. Sebab ada terlalu banyak sebab utk berasa bahagia, dan gembira (walaupun selalu rasa nak jad Incredible Hulk).
5. Sebab blog ni dah melahirkan 100 posting... LOL... Budus jugak aku ni...

My wish untuk ulangtahun ini:
1. I want to learn to write properly. Encik Kam yang hensem dan Encik Amir yang jiwanya bebas, sila ambil saya jadi anak murid.
2. I want to learn to fight my fear.
3. I want to face the world with courage and pride. Hell 'NO' to stupido yang bakal menyusahkan idup gwe.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

4 in 1

Too many things happened, and yet I want to squeeze everything in one title.

1. Sorry to Encik Navigator
Refer to posting Wedding #2, I would like to post my thousand apology to Encik Navigator. It’s true you don’t have a good sense of direction, but still, this Encik Navigator who helped me when I lost in Pekan Kajang yesterday. I just don’t know how I lost, since I’ll be visiting Pekan Kajang once a month.

Not just that, this Encik Navigator also always lends me a helping hand whenever I get sick or face any problem. Like during CNY, I was caught by asthma. I face the sleepless night alone, and after my Subh prayer, I almost lost all of my energy. The only who was around was Encik Navigator, so he drove from his place (which about 30 mins) to fetch me, brought me to the clinic situated another 30 mins, and then send me home.

Thus, appreciate people around you. I’m always lucky to have many good people in my circle of friends. For this, I believe the Big-Boss pays me bonus since a have a lot of them. To friends, thank you for being one of the miracle of my life.

2. Chibi Maruko Chan vs NBS 1010
I’m too exhausted, I guess. Last two night, Chibi gesel NBS 1010. NBS and the owner, I'm sorry cause I didn’t ask for apology (and dgn bodohnye, I did say thanks to him). Maybe my defence mechanism work so well that night that I acted lil bit arrogant and cocky. I didn’t even ask bout NBS, instead busy checking my beloved Chibi.

Seriuosly, to NBS 1010, I’m sorry.

3. Nasihat Dr. Intan
After the malapetaka at the office, I have a very bad pain at my back. On Monday, I took half-day leave, and when I arrived home, I almost fainted.

Yesterday, I went to the clinic. Dr. Intan taught me that, after we finish doing extra cores, and we afraid our body couldn’t take it, she suggest us to take 2 Panadol before we go to sleep. This would help to reduce the ‘demam terkejut’.

But yet, I had not told her that I almost fainted. Even, last night still I had that feeling.

Maybe, my time is coming near. Please pray for my well being. There are still a lot of things that need to be fulfilled.

4. Condolence
And deep condolence to my sensei in life, for the lost of his beloved father. May his soul rest in peace.

::Additional Note::
I already apologize the NBS 1100 (not NBS 1010). I slip an apology note kat windshield die. Rasa hilang 3/4 rasa berslah sebab tak mintak maaf ari tu... Phew...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Malapetaka Di Opisku

As advised, I no longer put a direct information regarding what happened in my office. My company is as tiny as 'semut', once you google the name, you can get all the info... Hihihi... Unlike Petronas, or Media Prima, there will be like 2 million websites, talking bout them.

To cut the story short, there was an error, the machine keep requesting for water, the valve was open, and then WALLA!!! Magical flood in suppose to be called as cleanroom.

I rushed from AU4 to Nilai in about 1/2 an hour. I drove about 140 km/h (o yes... I'm sad looking at my petrol meter), arrived at the plant with my jaw drop. The alarm rang here and there. And it looked so uncool.

We cleaned up the mess from 6.30 to about 10.

Hari ni, seme pun mengadu sakit badan and pinggang. Maklumlah, as I said to one of the technician
"Kalau kat rumah ko pun, ko takkan mencuci lantai macam ni sekali kan???"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kesah dari Kejauhan

Bahan dipetik dari: The Star

Malaysia is expected to reap RM1bil in investments in the next three years following the signing of six agreements on biotechnology projects.

The deals will involve cooperation with companies from the US, Italy, India, France and South Korea involved in healthcare, agriculture and industrial biotechnology.

“It is all about collaboration and stepping up our cooperation with the others,” said Malaysian Biotechnology Corp (BiotechCorp) chief executive officer Datuk Iskandar Mizal Mahmood.

BiotechCorp is involved in two agreements - with (1) Trusgen and (2) Insect Biotech respectively.

Other deals are between (3) ABCAR Asia and ABCAR France; (4) between Success Nexus Sdn Bhd and Merloni Progretti; (5) between Budi Biofuels and PureVision Technology; and between (6) Malacca Biotech, Vanguard Creative Technologies and Vivo Biotech.

::The Question::
Mana company kite nye cerita? Jala sket punya besar, takkan tak dapat tangkap sekor due...

::Nota Kaki::
Huhu... dalam meeting hari ni boss besar cakap pasal bende ni. Tapi hanya sorang dua je yang tau... Aduh... Pasal ape org lain tak tau pasal ni? Adakah aku dilahirkan busy body? atau the information loves me that much? Ni perihal kompeni... At least amik tau la kan? aiseh... nasib baik tak buat poyo declare satu-satu kompeni yang dapat business... nampak sangat aku aim nak hantar resume ke sana... :p

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Fav Nephew Is A Genius!!!

Hahaha... Despite all the crisis and issue, I just want to concentrate for something that makes my heart sooth and happy.

One of the thing that makes me happy is my nephew, Ariff.

Haha... Walaupun die malas pegi sekolah, tapi Ariff best.

Die akan pegi sekolah, bila die rasa die nak pegi. Just don't force him to do something he don't want.

He reads. Thus, I hope he'll have his own point view. So far, I can see that quite clearly in his attitude.

He rarely go to the canteen with friends, because all the kids like running around.

He will give his bike to his neighbor almost every evening;
he said "Kesian Syafiq takde basikal"

He is very gentle to his lil brother.

And he is a genius. Though he was absent for two exam papers (technically he got zero for those papers), he still manage to be the 30th out of 45 students. he himself thought he'll get number zero.

In a way, I'm still worry whether he is a lil bit of autism, but I hope everything is OK with him. Maybe, he is me in a way, thus I put extra attention on him. Anyway, I still can't forget when he said "Ariff tak nak kasik Malaikat Atid buat kerje".

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Madagascar Oh Madagascar

Gile... Marketing strategy tak hengat...

Yang pegi Madagascar dalam 10 org.
Yang confirm bakal manning the booth ada 4 org je (bukan org technical. So, aku tatau die nak cakap ape pasal business nih.)

Yang 6 org lagi (termasuk 2 org bkawan kotak) ?
Mari kite figure out sama2.
  1. Menghabiskan duit
  2. Menghabiskan beras
  3. Suke2 jalan2
  4. Honeymoon
  5. Business dinner
  6. And the list goes on...
Bukan recession dah dekat ke? Bukan kite kene ubah gaya hidup ke? Ape ni? Mana kepimpinan melalui teladan nih? Tukar pemimpin, tukar moto... cheshhh

Aduh.... Abis seme title kene tukar, maklumlah dah ada editor... hihi... untuk keselamatan katanya...

Another candidate, another hal

Oooo My....

What is my beloved company turning into... As for today, at the lobby, there are people waiting to be called for interview. And this lady, she is waiting with her parents. LOL :p

Oh well... My dear, there is no alien abduction in this company, though after sometimes you'll be mutated into something else. But, I guess it's normal to change a bit here and there.

Back to this lady to be interviewed, at first I tried, (at least I tried ok...) to have a good impression on this lady, maybe, after this they want to go to Nilai 3, and shop for hari raya... but when the mother accompanied her up to the waiting room upstairs, I can't help but giggles inside.

Lepas tu siap bising2 kat receptionist kenapa lambat sangat panggil anak die... Ewah ewah... I mean, what kinda of attitude you want to show? What do you think this company is doing? Playground? Hello, this is not kindergarten kinda of thing. So waste of time layan org macam ni...

I mean, please be professional if you want to come for an interview. It is a place where you should show all your credibility and attitude. Like this, if I were the HR officer, I would simply minus the point.

:: She came for the Account Executive post. Ayo... nanti kalau keje tak siap, asyik panggil mak datang office :p ::

Monday, June 16, 2008


Maybe I'm that stupid, that's why there is so many people around me that stupid enough that can raise my anger to the max.

Do you think it's funny to blame other on your weakness??? STUPIDO...

And you keep your best buddy safe by putting all the shitty things on our shoulder...
Hehe... Nevermind lady, what you give, you'll get back. You've been there at the comfort chair for quite long... Later, soon... You'll see how STRONG our department is. Shame you, to brag like that to your spouse. Tak malu...

And to your fav partner, please be ashame on what you did.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Life as it is

I want to take life as it is...

I want a life without confrontation;
I hate conflict.

I want a sweet and simple life.
Let it be minimal, but peaceful.

I wish for a smooth journey;
Cause I can't take any more injury.

But life is not as what I wish for;
I fell and even beaten when I'm at my weakest state,
But I have to stand and run,
Cause I don't wanna die,
Living unfulfilled life.

I wish you all the best to those who live on other's predicament. Life is like that. We'll see.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One sweet day at Anna Sui

It happened last year, end of last year. Basically before 29th of December 2007.

Me and my sister went Anna Sui Booth. It was my first time 'berkenalan' with the product. It is soo sweet and nice. Even the make-up smells as sweet as rose and lychee. She bought me a make-up as a healing gift on my grievance. Yea rite... (and now I misplaced the lipstick. huhu)

Then, we tried the perfume. So, I take the first one that I see.

The lady: That one is smell of jasmine.
Me: O really? She is Jasmin, as I pointed to my sis next to me.

Then I picked the 2nd perfume

The lady: This one is lily.
Me: Ok. That's my another sister's name. (feeling hampeh inside. Why their name is so sweet?)
The lady: Is it? Then your name must be Rose or something...
Me: Nope. That one is my sister in law's name.
The lady: Then, what's yours?
Me: Me? a tree. none of the flower.
The lady: giggles... (hampeh)
That is one of the incident to show how infamous my name is. One thing you can be sure, the authencity of my name. Hihi... No other in Malaysia.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What shall we do?


Dah nak dekat seminggu sejak harga minyak naik. On our part, there is nothing much we can do. I guess it is time for us to stop whining and start living because this issue is beyond our control. This matter shouldn't govern and take control of our life.

Well... When the oil price hike... what shall we do?

1. Stop whining

2. Stop comparing with those stupido dum dum menteriS

3. Be thankful

4. Be nice

5. Keep positive

6. Control expenditure

7. Accept the truth

This won't help to reduce the price, but I hope it will help us to live better in this hectic environment. We must try to live the life to the max, in any means, with this limited resources. Barulah layak digelar engineer... :p

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wedding #04

Tahniah to Kiki and Wan...

After all the hardship, they went through, at last, they tied a marriage knot. I know it is not an easy relationship, but the love swept all the tears away.

Congaratulation to Kiki. I hope you'll be a good husband and father to your family.

And, on this wedding, we manage to gather all of our siblings, 5 of us. I'm so happy for that though I was damn exhausted...

Thanks for the memory...

Wedding #03

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Amri and Syuhada!!!

45 minutes to Kemaman is not that far if measured using last oil's price. Tapi... member punya pasal... Redah kan aje...

The pengantin was so petite that they look like 'budak sekolah main kawen2'.

Later, when The Chocolate Fountain is around, I'll update with the wedding picture.

Aku kasik can la kat pengantin... Aku upload gambar sipi2 je... Ni kerje si Chocolate Fountain meng'candid' gambar this loving birds.

Hehe... Am... ko kelihatan sungguh 'baik' sekali dalam gambar ni... Chocolate Fountain gives a very good impression bout u through this photo.


Yay... At last, we know what to do with our moooney...Thank you for giving us the reason to empty our wallet. Love you KERAJAAN!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Let’s compare the price with OIL PRODUCING countries:

UAE - RM1.19/litre
Eygpt - RM1.03/litre
Bahrain - RM0.87/litre
Qatar - RM0.68/litre
Kuwait - RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia - RM0.50/litre
Iran - RM0.35/litre
Nigeria - RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan - RM0.25/litre
Venezuela - RM0.16/litre
MALAYSIA - RM2.70/litre

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Points to ponder

I found an interesting message in my discussion group, posted by Mr. Johnny Depp.
Lets not make sweeping generalization brother insinuating that 'Melayu Lemah'...if you do find them in your circle of friends, then I suggest you upgrade your quality of friends. If you yourself feel inferior and not at par with the international community, then upgrade your skills instead of brandishing that the Malay race is weak.
For me, he is a natural thinker, and a rationalist. He puts thing on the ground and take a very practical approach in dealing with it.

Like this point he's been pointing to, to some extend, as a Melayu, I almost believe that Melayu is a weakling. Reading his piece of mind, inspire me re-evaluate that Melayu is not that weak.

That's why we need a quality friend and I'm lucky to have someone like him in my circle of friend.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Surat kepada PM, TPM, Menteri2, CEO, dan kawasan kawasan sewaktu dengannya

Kepada PM, TPM, Menteri-menteri, CEO-CEO, VP-VP dan kawasan-kawasan sewaktu dengannya.

Sementelah kemeriahan Pilihanraya ke-12, nampaknya negara kita ber'gembira' sekali lagi dengan kehadiran taarif baru harga petrol, beras, dan lain-lain yang pastinya akan menyusul selepas ini.

Kemeriahan dan ke'hangat'an musim ini pasti tidak kalah kepada kegemilangan konserto-konserto yang diadakan untuk menghiburkan kami yang melata ini. Terima kasih kerana begitu memahami dan menjaga kebajikan kami.

Buat pengetahuan yang ber'harta' sekalian,

Pendapatan kami rakyat melata secara purata RM 2000 - RM 5000 sebulan
Pendapatan formal yang ber'harta' > RM 20, 000 sebulan
Menjadikan pendapatan yang ber'hormat' 10x lebih dari kami

Melata = RM 250 / RM 2500 = 10% for petrol
Berharta = RM 250 / RM 25 000 = 1%
Too small. Silap, it is actually negligible cause semuanya subsidize by Government kan? Ada petrol card kan? Travel sana sini tak guna petrol kan???

Melata = RM 500 / RM 2500 = 20% for foods (to include rice yer)
Berharta = RM 500 / RM 25, 000 = 2%
Too small. Opss ... another error. It is also negligible cause most of the time you'll be attending function at 5 stars hotel kan? or business dinner, or whatever ceremony that people yang melata will feed you...

Melata = RM 50 / RM 2500 = 2% for make-up.
Berharta = RM 3000 SUBSIDY for make -up.
For some, 3K > monthly salary

Melata = RM 500 / RM 25000 = 20% to pay for car installment
Berharta = FREE sebab pakai kete kerajaan.

Melata = When we buy something, we only get the stuff.
Berharta = When you buy something, you get the staff and extra $$$

I start to wonder where your money goes... You hardly spend a cent, then why your greediness kills us all? I guess you never know the hardship, or else you won't dare to do this to the rakyat. I just wish for things to get better cause if we all to spell a curse on you, I believe it will be granted anytime.

Kepada yang Ber'hormat',
Carilah DIA dalam diri. Dengan bimbingan dan petunjuk dari DIA, pasti pertimbangan yang ber'hormat' lebih adil, jujur dan hakiki.

Yang Melata,
Rakyat Jelata

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wedding #02

24 May 2006

Congratulations and Selamat Pengantin Baru kepada Amir and Kizee!!!

Both were my colleague during Uni time...

The reception ceremony at bridegroom side were simple but 'meriah'. Though the house is located at hulu kampung, but the kenduri was 'meriah'. (don't want to describe how we sesat to get there... 'tak dapek den nolong' type of asst. driver leave me dumbfounded. even worst, he slept on the way back...huh)

Like other kenduri, they serve a lot of foods, buffet style. And plus, there were also small stall, serving cendol, roti john, (just to name a few, sebab tak pegi tgk). Mmg hebat la kenduri nowdays...

And the 'syok sendiri' DJ... hihihi...

I guess, we hardly find the old kenduri style where we all will be served like four in a group, and we have to ask for air basuh tangan, cawan lebih, pinggan tak cukup and stuff. Kecoh sekampung...

On the guest side, buffet style is more convenience and easy, especially on the seating.

But for me, besides it can reduce the 'pembaziran', and of course easier to organize, kenduri lost it's 'mahabbah' symbol. How many sedara mara, sepupu sepapat, kawan baik, kawan tak baik, schoolmates we can pool together to serve the guest, to wash the dishes, to prepare the drinks and foods (basically to ensure the kenduri run smoothly). Even on Hari Raya we couldn't gather that much of family members / friends at a time.

I miss the old time very much I guess. :)


Token of Appreciation

Thanks to handsome uncle that gave us the coupon that entitled us 15% discount on selected items.

Thanks for the 10 cent.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - Numero Uno

This post will always be on the top.

1. Introduction

This blog intended to vent out any excessive feeling that may effect the well being of the blog owner (me, obviously) by sharing ideas, witty thoughts (if there any) and observations. Readers are welcome to comment.

Karaoke is for someone to sing though one cannot sing. Same goes with blog. It is for someone to write though one can't actually write. But, at least this is the medium we have to share the ideas and thoughts. Please ignore the unnecessary.

2. Scope

The scope of this blog varies propotionly with my mood.

3. Definition

a. (parenthesis) = anything written in parenthesis will shows what I actually think during the event.

b. L = Loser

c. Tribute = Will be written for someone who have direct impact to my paradigm shift.

d. WTH = What the hell!!!

e. Idiosyncratic = Term used to depicts idiocy.

f. The artist name is just an expression. Nothing to do with the person referred to.

4. References

a. Observation (I'll try my best to quote the exact date and time)

b. Books

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d. Article

e. Other blog


5. Detailed Instruction
  1. Every post is all about what I think and nothing to do with other's interest.
  2. This is my blog, kindly allow me to vent truthfully. I might be emotional, ridiculous, nuisance, but hey... that's what life is.
  3. Anyway, if the write up goes beyond the limitation, please remind me.
  4. Kindly spell out your name / nickname. So far, yes, I'm fully aware of who you are, but who knows one day, I lost my memory ke...
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