Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One sweet day at Anna Sui

It happened last year, end of last year. Basically before 29th of December 2007.

Me and my sister went Anna Sui Booth. It was my first time 'berkenalan' with the product. It is soo sweet and nice. Even the make-up smells as sweet as rose and lychee. She bought me a make-up as a healing gift on my grievance. Yea rite... (and now I misplaced the lipstick. huhu)

Then, we tried the perfume. So, I take the first one that I see.

The lady: That one is smell of jasmine.
Me: O really? She is Jasmin, as I pointed to my sis next to me.

Then I picked the 2nd perfume

The lady: This one is lily.
Me: Ok. That's my another sister's name. (feeling hampeh inside. Why their name is so sweet?)
The lady: Is it? Then your name must be Rose or something...
Me: Nope. That one is my sister in law's name.
The lady: Then, what's yours?
Me: Me? a tree. none of the flower.
The lady: giggles... (hampeh)
That is one of the incident to show how infamous my name is. One thing you can be sure, the authencity of my name. Hihi... No other in Malaysia.


munge jasmin said...

dont forget amoi Anna Sui punye dialogue mase kita try bau parfume lychee tu....
" dont tell me your name is lychee"...heheh

Caieja said...

::munge jasmin::
Ishk... susah betul bile kakak sendiri dah dapat access blog ni... habis seme rahsia kerajaan dibocorkan satu persatu... haih...