Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Fav Nephew Is A Genius!!!

Hahaha... Despite all the crisis and issue, I just want to concentrate for something that makes my heart sooth and happy.

One of the thing that makes me happy is my nephew, Ariff.

Haha... Walaupun die malas pegi sekolah, tapi Ariff best.

Die akan pegi sekolah, bila die rasa die nak pegi. Just don't force him to do something he don't want.

He reads. Thus, I hope he'll have his own point view. So far, I can see that quite clearly in his attitude.

He rarely go to the canteen with friends, because all the kids like running around.

He will give his bike to his neighbor almost every evening;
he said "Kesian Syafiq takde basikal"

He is very gentle to his lil brother.

And he is a genius. Though he was absent for two exam papers (technically he got zero for those papers), he still manage to be the 30th out of 45 students. he himself thought he'll get number zero.

In a way, I'm still worry whether he is a lil bit of autism, but I hope everything is OK with him. Maybe, he is me in a way, thus I put extra attention on him. Anyway, I still can't forget when he said "Ariff tak nak kasik Malaikat Atid buat kerje".


munge jasmin said...

yup...xtra attention on him..

semalam Ariff suruh buang seme air jampi@mandrem sebab dia kata dia dah ok...

ok mende???

aku pun tatau...mistik nye

Caieja said...

::munge jasmin::
hahaha... That's my boy...

Buat dono je...

tenno said...

owh..this boy is genius!!

Caieja said...

hehe... nak jadi org berhati mulie macam anak sedara aku...