Monday, June 16, 2008


Maybe I'm that stupid, that's why there is so many people around me that stupid enough that can raise my anger to the max.

Do you think it's funny to blame other on your weakness??? STUPIDO...

And you keep your best buddy safe by putting all the shitty things on our shoulder...
Hehe... Nevermind lady, what you give, you'll get back. You've been there at the comfort chair for quite long... Later, soon... You'll see how STRONG our department is. Shame you, to brag like that to your spouse. Tak malu...

And to your fav partner, please be ashame on what you did.


D3mOn|c said...

garang siotttt!!!

later u take over lah..jom gulingkan The Lady!!!

hail caieja!! long live caieja!!


p/s: tu lah..tegur lagi aku xde comment..erm..more to come..hahahhaha :P