Sunday, June 1, 2008

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - Numero Uno

This post will always be on the top.

1. Introduction

This blog intended to vent out any excessive feeling that may effect the well being of the blog owner (me, obviously) by sharing ideas, witty thoughts (if there any) and observations. Readers are welcome to comment.

Karaoke is for someone to sing though one cannot sing. Same goes with blog. It is for someone to write though one can't actually write. But, at least this is the medium we have to share the ideas and thoughts. Please ignore the unnecessary.

2. Scope

The scope of this blog varies propotionly with my mood.

3. Definition

a. (parenthesis) = anything written in parenthesis will shows what I actually think during the event.

b. L = Loser

c. Tribute = Will be written for someone who have direct impact to my paradigm shift.

d. WTH = What the hell!!!

e. Idiosyncratic = Term used to depicts idiocy.

f. The artist name is just an expression. Nothing to do with the person referred to.

4. References

a. Observation (I'll try my best to quote the exact date and time)

b. Books

c. Email

d. Article

e. Other blog


5. Detailed Instruction
  1. Every post is all about what I think and nothing to do with other's interest.
  2. This is my blog, kindly allow me to vent truthfully. I might be emotional, ridiculous, nuisance, but hey... that's what life is.
  3. Anyway, if the write up goes beyond the limitation, please remind me.
  4. Kindly spell out your name / nickname. So far, yes, I'm fully aware of who you are, but who knows one day, I lost my memory ke...
  5. If you don't have Gmail account, or too lazy to log in, you can always pick the 'Name/URL' option, write your nick and ignore the URL part. Easy.
  6. But if you insist of using the anonymous, at least leave me with something that I can be sure who you are. :)


Marsita said...

hi caeija..
thanx for bloghopping to ituadanya :) yes, me and my husband were smartian (spm '98) but he left smart to mrsm when he was in form 4. so i guess it was only me who deserved the smartian spm '98 title heheheh.
so u r my junior...which batch?

Marsita said...

Sounds interesting. But not necessarily books kan? If donate money pun boleh jugak kan? Sebab kitorg takde buku2 lama nak donate. But will try to get some from our friends. Can you gimme more details about this charity? Contact person? Thanks.

R&T said...

salam. do, awat lama tak update ni? nyhow i like ur SOP, im shocked by that entry on ariff, is he a good boy now? or maybe he's too smart for standard 2.ever tried testing his IQ? serio,usly, maksu kena do some assessment on d kid la. hm, aku ada modul bomba for 12 days starting tmrw. i heard its tough n heavy cos asyik kena carry the breath apparatus y beratnya like 14-20 kg.giler a, but if i can handle tentera, i hope, insh dat i can handle this one too.wateva it is, klo xde esprit d corp then its gon b tough baby! p/s: do,aku masih tng ko join _ _ _. dh regis ke? fren tiap thn pegi amik PAC. lets pray she'll pass dis time

Caieja said...


The SOP is just the manifestation of my hatred to the mount of PROCEDURE that i need to monitor and make sure it will be done on time. Masalahnye, the execution takde lagi... Bikin gilak gwe di sini...

Still hoping and keep believing je... Ada rezki ada. Kalau takde, move ahead... hihihi

And of course you can do it T. Just face it w courage. U'll be there.

D3mOn|c said...

where is the cover page?

1.Prepared by:
2.Reviewed by:
3.Reviewed by: (HOD)
4.Approved by:(Head/Manager)
5.Approved by:(VP)


Caieja said...

Huhu... ok. Nanti aku revise balik.

lol (buduh!!!)

kawan mung said...

loh...nape dah tak manyak org komen.....hehe..dah kurang popular ker.....