Friday, May 30, 2008


This handsome guy RE-JOIN UMNO. Oh Ezam...

To lick his own split eh? Anyway, in the news yesterday, he made 2 strong statements that keeps me wondering what he actually mean, until now. As we all know, he is a shining political figure. Thus, I really believe whatever he said not just accidentally slipping out from his mouth.

Statement 1
Dalam politik, samada kita dipergunakan atau kita mempergunakan. It's true in politics. Saya rela dipergunakan jika ianya untuk kepentingan Malaysia, dan bangsa-bangsa yang ada di Malaysia.
Oh well, I'm still wondering why he said 'saya rela dipergunakan'? I don't really understand what he means, but I do believe I bet that is not an empty statement. He might potraying what he'd faced, or what he'd been through. Plus, a figure like him, I don't think he is being used, instead he is using someone for something. I don't know. But, I'll keep digging coz Ezam handsome is my fav subject now.

The questions arise.

Kalau Ezam dipergunakan, siapa yang mempergunakan dia? Hebat sangatkah Ezam ini di mata politikus2 negara ini?

Kalau Ezam mempergunakan, siapa yang Ezam pergunakan, dan apa tujuan utama perpindahan parti ini???

Statement 2
Saya bersumpah untuk memperjuangkan keadilan, dan bukannya Parti Keadilan.
To declare this, I think he is in the state of denial. If he really wants to join UMNO, I think because he knows he can beat whoever in youth UMNO by caliber. Or else, something more interesting is about to happen.

How about GERAK yer??? What happened to it?


Anonymous said...


since u like ezam so much i'd like to share wat FT [bukan faizal tahir ye] wrote abt him. he thinks ezam is up there to go against Si Dia.nk tau siapa Si Dia? He, whose name gets to be printed on Jerusalem Post recently. Apapun semoga perjuangan ezam luhur [walaupun dunia tau politik bidang y sukar untuk berlaku suci murni].

Ko pernah dgr/baca The Dawn Raid?
I heard it first time ever ms BTN n i think its one of Malaysia's coolest espionage! becos of our ministers brilliance we get to tebus maruah negara dgn beli syer2 besar britain seluruh dunia. due to d big loss,britain trus buat akta bwhsanya indvdu perseorangan esp non-local tak boleh beli syer sykt britain, lbh krg camtula bunyiknya tp aku syok a dgr that we played d brit!haha, who would've thought?? byk lg y aku tatau psl negara tanahairku y tercinta ni.hmm...

Caieja said...

Hehe... Isn't he gorgeous!!!

I think his aura is greater than MAWI. LOL

Yep... if he is there to fight, he got the weapon actually. He was there for long together with The Guy and best of all, he got his own caliber, aura, charisma, whatever u call it.

I guess I saw that book. Since you mentioned it, terpaksala aku pergi carik esok. hihi

Hey lady,
U can always pick Name/URL option and put ur fav nick. you can ignore the URL section. Though i'm fully aware this is you. :p tapi an lebih best kalau ada nama... lalala

^Her Royal Peskiness^ said...

Ok..ok..i DO have a pen name i'd like to use. mmm, ok i'll call myself ^Her Royal Peskiness^! ok tak? hehe..urm, bcos life is so miserable [for me] n, yeah, nuff said. Apsal kwn2 ko ada nick glemer masing2 hah? I wonder wat/who would u name me after???

^Her Royal Peskiness^

p/s: I dont n cant dig ezam la, tp klo ckp psl charisma n suave-ness i'll always look up to sir sidney poitier. takdela aku tau byk sgt psl dia tp tah, aku sukala sjk pertama kali aku tgk dia dalam To Sir With Love, time kecik2 dulu sampaila skrg

Caieja said...

::^Her Royal Peskiness^::
Hah... ko mmg pengikut arahan yang baik. setelah diletakkan dalam SOP baru ko ikut yer... hahahhaha

Sidney Poitier tu group lain. tak aci...:p

Ezam... how to put t yer... ok... I never get to know any of his idea, so basically, so far, he is interesting by charisma, the way he look, the way he deliver what he said. But, there are also something about him that makes me keep digging. which is 'i don't know'. thank you.

D3mOn|c said...

OFF TOPIC (but related to politic)=why minyak naik? why no more subsidi? huwaaaaa.......

iskh..iskh...why gaji x increase? iskh..iskh...

Caieja said...

ask those stupido menteris. hell la derang ni... oh... takde posting pasal minyak sbb aku terlalu kecewa...