Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Honesty is the best policy

I'm not a writer nor a poet. But I'm an observant that sees my world through other dimension, usually astray from the majority. While I'm fighting for other post in the company (being more technical rather than all these fancy paper work), I share with the boSS my future planning, which is to leave the company.

Of course we can expect the consequences. The chance for me to relocate to the job I prefer will be very SLIM. But, to my astonishment, I have that peace of mind. I'm doing good not just for me, but also, being fair to the company.

Life is all about what you belive in. I believe in kindness. I believe in what you give, you'll get back (just don't want to use karma, it sounds so lalala). I believe in honesty. Hope, the road for me to victory will be made easy. If not easy, the path that I'll be able to go through, or at least I'll bee given enough strength to move forward without hesitation.

Life is like that... Whether you like it or not...