Sunday, May 25, 2008

Basic Programming of My Life

m = month

Life value depleting;

If I were to stay;

m < 3; I need to learn to be happy. 3 < m < 12; I need to get medication. }

I have go away;



Anonymous said...

do, UIA sounds very promising kan? so where do u stand actly, r u leaving or r u not? bdway,i been trying to read those super script writings beneath d pretty butterfly drawing. imran lukis ek? wat does d writing says huh? just curious. tgh bosan ni mikirkan asgmt berat, 1k words on book review n 5k words on penulisan ilmiah. wat d heck. klo tajuk fun takpe la jugak.ini pasal leadership, conflict management, islam hadhari,integrity bladibla bo...ring stuff.oh help me dear lord!

p/s: malas login da.. but u know me kan ;)

Caieja said...

::Anonymous a.k.a FTJ::

yep... but don't know la... keep praying...

D3mOn|c said...

func (a)

if (a>3k)

i take the job



end sub

p/s: base on true story.. ;p

Tenno said...

there's always way...
keep going on guyz....
Wat story meh?

Anonymous said...

ske ati.. baik ko btulkan balik F T J tu, sinful tau! haha... nk tau do, budak2 cni call me "FJ".. serious! sbb dats wat my nametag says back in bomba... tak psl2 aku dpt nick baru.. so, its FJ now people! bah

Caieja said...

Lor... ape yang sinful nye? FTJ tu ape ek? Ayooo.. troublesome la...

Panggil nama ko je la... hahahahaa