Saturday, May 17, 2008

5 reasons why I must read

1. Reading keeps me distracted from unbearable distressing life I've been through.

Reads help me in many ways. It keeps me astray from thinking the unfortunate events happened in my life. From "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", it is said that, we keep thinking the same thing over and over again. Mostly negative. To my horror, what we think, comes the action. From the action, comes the HABIT. Thus, I must keep my mind to think bout new stuff so that it won't be filled with negative thought and sadness. Come on. Life is something we really need to enjoy, and cherish every second of it.

2. I want my mind to stay healthy, longer.
My hypothesis:
If I'm happy, I'm healthy.
Reading makes me happy.
Thus, reading makes me healthy.

3. It makes me feel good, boosts up my ego.

Reading open up my horizon. Though I'm full with flaws and weaknesses, but I'm the Master of Jedi of Bullshit because I read. I bet, I haven't got a chance to chit chatting with interesting people I know around me if I don't read simply because I need to find topic of their interest. And of course, it varies from sports, movie, politics and economics. I don't mean by reading you'll master the topics, but at least we could break the ice and show interest on what they are good in. Once people feel appreciated, they will keep you close at heart. ;)

4. My 24/7 occupied wisely.

Nothing else to do meh. Just read la. And from reading, I want to learn to write. Oh how I wish I could write what I feel and what I think. I'm learning.

5. I'm preparing for something that I'm not really sure what it is.

I'm full with intuition. I believe I'm preparing myself for something that me myself not sure of it. But yea, I know it is for good. Since reading is good, so I guess it is not a waste to invest in a hobby named "READING". It is a hobby, it is a tool to acquire knowledge, it is a stimulant. It is all in one.


D3mOn|c said...

1 reason why i must read today...

= pagi yang gelap..kini hampir terang...lallalala :p

Caieja said...

I curse you for leaving us in hell, but I'll pray for your hari yang "kini makin terang"... lalalala

D3mOn|c said...

oh..please dont curse me..

eh silap..go on go on..keep on "cursing" me..huahahaha