Monday, May 26, 2008


Having dinner at nearby restaurant. While waiting for the extra super special dish (that's why it takes long time to arrive), I was reading and of course observe other people.

At first, I saw an old lady inside a car, and a cute lil girl running back and forth from the car to her mom in the restaurant.

I assume, they are going to 'tapau' the food and having it at home. What makes my jaw drop was that, they (the mom and the lil gal) were having their dinner at the restaurant while leaving the old lady (mom to the mom / grandma) inside the car.

Can't the old lady join them at the table? Then why bother taking her out at the first place? So pathetic looking at the old lady, alone, inside the car, while her family members were having dinner in the restaurant.

Please guide me to kindness...