Friday, February 29, 2008


Bus station = the place where the bus stop

Train station = the place where the train stop

Work station = the place where the work stop kah???

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Micro Studies of Election Scenario in Malaysia

The case study took place in AAA Company, in one of the very small decision to make.

6/12 vote for A
1/12 votes for B
5 others vote for C, D, and E

Results: Z
Other unfortunate committee have to decide for the whole team. Then why bother to vote at the first place meh??? tell me!!!

Hypothesis 1: Because the undesicive SPR (in this case the authority) cannot decide due to one opposition vote and to add salt to the story, the opposition is the influential one. Hahaha
In short, who suppose to win, will win no matter how much undian kemenangan bagi pihak yang tidak sepatutnya menang... tapi if the majority cannot challenge this calon, mimpi la... (Kalau mau mimpi, tidur dulu deh).

Hypothesis 2: The right to make decision is given to other "make up authority" so that the current authority would not be blame for any rebellious act / ketidakpuasan hati later (Suruhanjaya lalala, ABC Committee, and whatever name they can call. In short, they are still the same unlucky group of people, cleaning other ppl sh*t). So easy meh the way to make decision here?

Come on la... Do it right... Why execute the election if you cannot accept the result... WHY SO JUAL IKAN!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

15 February 2008 - 001

26 years ago
I was stuggling to see the world

25 years ago
So many things to learn... Typical gal, mouth is faster than kaki... (lagi cepat cakap dari berjalan, at least tu my mummy cakap)

24 years ago
Got eye injury (thanks Jasmin for making my life full of spices *not to mention pain*. Almost blind)

23 years ago
Can't remember much but all I know I love PENCIL COLOR,CRAYON and PENCIL. Hate all the BARBIE DOLL which means nothing than a pretty face. I even create my own toys. (Aiyark.. whick means I'm like this since young???).

22 years ago
Me: Abah!!! Nak PEPELAM.
Abah: Mempelam. Mem..
Me: (Following) Mem
Abah: Pe
Me: Pe
Abah: Lam
Me: Lam
Abah: Mempelam
Me: Pepelam
Everybody: (Laughing at my face)..
Me: Dah... Cik Putih tak pandai sebut MEMPELAM, Cik Putih pandai sebut PEPELAM je (yea rite.. kecik2 lagi dah degil. kan dah pandai sebut mempelam... so me...)

21 years ago
Heaven... Blame it on me for being so KAWAI...

20 years ago
In my kindergarden. (The teachers still recognize me, and remember me till now. Wonder what did I do).

Huhuhu... Got another 20 years of history to write... well... to be continued.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Malaikat Atid

This conversation was between my sis (The mother) with his son Ariff. She taught Ariff bout the 10 Angels.

The mother : (I don't know how my sis taught his son, but obviously she did mention about Malaikat Atid, who is going to write all the sinfull deed).
Mak, Ariff kan, tak nak kasik Malaikat Atid buat keje (I don't want Malaikat Atid to do anything).
The mother: (Dumbfounded)

The auntie : Touched by the lil angel. Ariff, Happy Birthday. (Ariff is at the back)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A day before tomorrow

It's already 5.30 pm. How I wish to be out of here and have my sweet serene 4 days of holidays.

I'm not really sure whether in these 4 days I'll be perfectly sane to conduct my project plan, but I really wish the sanity on my side. I've been wasting these days by having this bad mood plus very very bad temperament. I don't want to be old with this kind of feeling. Pathetic loser...

Anyway on 14th of February,
To my beloved sister, Lily, Happy Birthday. Mummy always said, though our birthday is next to each other, but we are so contradict in attitude. (Blame it on me for being more gentle... :p).

While to my apperentice Amier Arieff, Happy Birthday to you as well. As I'm responsible for influencing you so much on your upbringing, I'll make sure that I do it at my fullest effort. Anyway Arief, I'm proud of you. (Sorry Jasmin for treating Arief as my own).

And for 15th February,
Happy Birthday to myself. Can't wait to really feel what 26 is all about.

Not to forget, my lil sister, who eventually born on the same date with me, Hidayah. Happy Birthday to you too. How on earth Mummy, Mama and Abah raise us, coz Februarian = rebellious. Sorry. Didn't mean to...

p/s: I always wonder, why my sister's name sounds so nice and sweet (Lily and Jasmin) while mine sounds so rugged and tough (Syajaratul derives from Arabic, carry the meaning of " a tree "). How I wish mine is as sweet as theirs. But then, sure enough, it suits me. Thanks Mummy for the unique and beautiful name.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This POST (meaning not ALL post) is truly dedicated to SOMEONE. Thanks for telling me that the world is so funny that we have to take advantage on other's predicament. No.. That's not the whole idea. But anyway, life is like that. Hope that my new life like this won't be as life out there.

Last time, my blog is only for his eyes. Now, it's all differ. This is the new life I want to live in. Yata!!!

So, good bye to my old blog, and it's memories.

Selamat datang, ahlan wa sahlan to "Life is like that...".