Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A day before tomorrow

It's already 5.30 pm. How I wish to be out of here and have my sweet serene 4 days of holidays.

I'm not really sure whether in these 4 days I'll be perfectly sane to conduct my project plan, but I really wish the sanity on my side. I've been wasting these days by having this bad mood plus very very bad temperament. I don't want to be old with this kind of feeling. Pathetic loser...

Anyway on 14th of February,
To my beloved sister, Lily, Happy Birthday. Mummy always said, though our birthday is next to each other, but we are so contradict in attitude. (Blame it on me for being more gentle... :p).

While to my apperentice Amier Arieff, Happy Birthday to you as well. As I'm responsible for influencing you so much on your upbringing, I'll make sure that I do it at my fullest effort. Anyway Arief, I'm proud of you. (Sorry Jasmin for treating Arief as my own).

And for 15th February,
Happy Birthday to myself. Can't wait to really feel what 26 is all about.

Not to forget, my lil sister, who eventually born on the same date with me, Hidayah. Happy Birthday to you too. How on earth Mummy, Mama and Abah raise us, coz Februarian = rebellious. Sorry. Didn't mean to...

p/s: I always wonder, why my sister's name sounds so nice and sweet (Lily and Jasmin) while mine sounds so rugged and tough (Syajaratul derives from Arabic, carry the meaning of " a tree "). How I wish mine is as sweet as theirs. But then, sure enough, it suits me. Thanks Mummy for the unique and beautiful name.


ismihuahadafi said...

ooo ur sis'names were flower names ke?!!
now that made sense... there should always be a tree for the flowers to grow and be adored, so without the tree to gather the buds of the flowers, no flower may exist, no beauty can one adore.
so its greater u are the tree.. the main pillar of unity, i guess..

Caieja said...


To uphold the load of the name, I lost the advantage of being the youngest. Anyway,like I said, it suits me.