Friday, February 15, 2008

15 February 2008 - 001

26 years ago
I was stuggling to see the world

25 years ago
So many things to learn... Typical gal, mouth is faster than kaki... (lagi cepat cakap dari berjalan, at least tu my mummy cakap)

24 years ago
Got eye injury (thanks Jasmin for making my life full of spices *not to mention pain*. Almost blind)

23 years ago
Can't remember much but all I know I love PENCIL COLOR,CRAYON and PENCIL. Hate all the BARBIE DOLL which means nothing than a pretty face. I even create my own toys. (Aiyark.. whick means I'm like this since young???).

22 years ago
Me: Abah!!! Nak PEPELAM.
Abah: Mempelam. Mem..
Me: (Following) Mem
Abah: Pe
Me: Pe
Abah: Lam
Me: Lam
Abah: Mempelam
Me: Pepelam
Everybody: (Laughing at my face)..
Me: Dah... Cik Putih tak pandai sebut MEMPELAM, Cik Putih pandai sebut PEPELAM je (yea rite.. kecik2 lagi dah degil. kan dah pandai sebut mempelam... so me...)

21 years ago
Heaven... Blame it on me for being so KAWAI...

20 years ago
In my kindergarden. (The teachers still recognize me, and remember me till now. Wonder what did I do).

Huhuhu... Got another 20 years of history to write... well... to be continued.