Sunday, February 24, 2008

Micro Studies of Election Scenario in Malaysia

The case study took place in AAA Company, in one of the very small decision to make.

6/12 vote for A
1/12 votes for B
5 others vote for C, D, and E

Results: Z
Other unfortunate committee have to decide for the whole team. Then why bother to vote at the first place meh??? tell me!!!

Hypothesis 1: Because the undesicive SPR (in this case the authority) cannot decide due to one opposition vote and to add salt to the story, the opposition is the influential one. Hahaha
In short, who suppose to win, will win no matter how much undian kemenangan bagi pihak yang tidak sepatutnya menang... tapi if the majority cannot challenge this calon, mimpi la... (Kalau mau mimpi, tidur dulu deh).

Hypothesis 2: The right to make decision is given to other "make up authority" so that the current authority would not be blame for any rebellious act / ketidakpuasan hati later (Suruhanjaya lalala, ABC Committee, and whatever name they can call. In short, they are still the same unlucky group of people, cleaning other ppl sh*t). So easy meh the way to make decision here?

Come on la... Do it right... Why execute the election if you cannot accept the result... WHY SO JUAL IKAN!!!