Thursday, January 28, 2010

If Today Was Your Last Day

"Live each moment like your last"- is the phrase I'm holding on to. Tired. Restless.

If you know today is your last day, what will you do???

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Can't wait to meet my beloved friends... YAY!!!

Tenno & Ibu Adam, mamo jeles haaa...

It seems like just yesterday I was freaking mad at all the people who pissed me off... suddenly, by today... everything vanished, like it's all flushed to the drain. Good. I'm happy. At least, I let go the heavy load.

For the people who suddenly came, and cheer me up, thank you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tag From Puan Q - Glasses

Terpanggil nak menjawab tag dari Puan Q kite... well... here I am...

1. Sejak bila anda mula berkaca mata?

2. Bagaimana anda tahu yang anda memerlukan kacamata ketika itu?
Sebab dah tak boleh duduk belakang sekali... hahhaha

3. Berapa ‘power’ pada permulaan anda berkaca mata (anggaran)?
100 & 150

4. Jenis/bentuk kaca mata anda yang pertama?
Frame plastic kaler silver

5. Jenis/bentuk kaca mata anda yang terkini?
The best I ever have. Void black frame. The lenses is hold by a string at the back of the frame. It looks like I'm wearing 2 layers of spec.

6. Berapa power terkini anda (anggaran)?
375 & 450

7. Berapa banyak koleksi kaca mata yang anda ada dari dulu hingga kini (anggaran)?

8. Jika anda ada sentiment tidak suka berkaca mata, sila nyatakan sebab musababnya.
I like wearing glasses.

9. Yang mana anda lebih gemar. Kaca mata atau contact lens? Kenapa ?
Glasses... Used to it

10. Optometrist pilihan anda?
The one with unique frames

11. Pasangan anda berkaca mata ?

12. Apa pandangan anda pada kanak2 yang memakai kaca mata?
Pity them

Shall I tag others? tak payah la... but you are always welcome to continue this tagging. Link pun tak payahla... Ni kiranya sekadar menjawab semua soalan Puan Q.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sense of time...

This week I lost my sense of time... And maybe a part of my sanity. Never in my life, prepared to work like this. It drains out my energy, mentally and physically. Every night, I'm thankful for having a chance to sleep and a chance to release my tense by talking to people who cares bout me. It's a bless that I hope will never taken away from me.

Actually, to think aback, this week is not really a bad week. It contains tears, extreme angers, deep emotions, grunge, and also cares and loves. Besides the headache and 'lepas tangan' by some, I was taken care nicely by my sweet Yuna (buakan nama sebenar, as usual. Thank you for getting me my breakfast at times I never expected), supported by Famil's twin (yes... he really looks like Famil. And thanks for coordinating the meeting. Really appreciate it.), Nigella give out her full energy to help me through the event, though she doesn't have to do so, and so on....

This is the small small things that I wish I never forget. The kindness and beauty of a friendship. I hope, in the future, when things went bad, I'll smile reading this entry. Coz that's what happen when I read the previous entry.

Dear Me,
Life is full of surprises. We never know what will happen to us next. Just hope and pray for the best.

Dear Al-Mighty,
Please don't let me go astray from Your meaningful path.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I received an sms written:

SMS: I miss working with u and serena.

All I wanna say, I miss it too... What we are facing through right now is harder because we lost the comfort place. I'm glad during that particular time, we had each other, to keep us strong and sane.

Picture: by Electrificado@deviantart

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Class

I'm lecturing...

Thee thee thee...

It just a short course for graduated students. The topics are all about GMP. But slowly I turn myself into HR manager yg sebuk2 bagi tips macam mana nak carik kerja and promote yourself during the interview. Macam la bagus kan... at least the ability as Master of Jedi of Bullshitting works for me HaR HaR HaR...

Look forward for the next class...