Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 Reasons Why There is No Reason to Stay

  1. The works, suck.
  2. The management, suck.
  3. The people I care, gone.
  4. The pay, suck.
  5. The planning suck.
  6. The drive, zero.
  7. The reason to stay, nil.
  8. The objective, shoot to the moon.
  9. The execution, snail mover.
  10. The execs, coolie with the neck tie.


D3mOn|c said...

1.The works, suck.-works? oh, is there any work to do?

2.The management, suck.- they just send their employees to management training

3.The people I care, gone.-sob..sob..boyam..where r youuu??

4.The pay, suck.-@^4%&!($(#*@

5.The planning suck.-is there any? i thought there just use instinct..ermm..suppose= 5. Their instinct suck.

6.The drive, zero.--they drive str8 to H*LL.

7.The reason to stay, nil.<-- i have surf job hunting website..lallalala

8.The objective, shoot to the moon.= if they miss the target, atleast they hit the stars..huhahhah :P

9.The execution, snail mover.not the execution, they are 'snail'..huahahha

10.The execs, coolie with the neck tie.<-- i didnt wear... eleventh reason= the 'pagi' here is so 'gelap'..huahahah

Anonymous said...

..the only reason why i feel so bad to leave..
"leaving those who are on my heart like a tattoo already..uwaaa!!"
-jessie the preggie-

Caieja said...

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Caieja said...

Wehhh... Not just boyam la... got so many... boss boyam, boss boyam yang dulu2, boss aku, IT exec dulu, Admin dulu, Finance dulu, boss Production sekarang (yang last day die hari ni), wanensem, later budak d3mon tu plak.. So not cool...

And yeah... lucky you not wearing any neck tie.

Oh, will u watch the movie today???

Am I? Am I?

Don't be sad. Everybody ought to move forward for their life. And you just do what you think the best for your life. Keep swimming... (sound so familiar, but di mana ya??? :p)

D3mOn|c said...

everybody should watch the movie... of the quote in the movie...

"if u want something, go get it!!!"

see..even they support us to "mencari happyness"!!

1. im not going to watch..better go jogging..

2. yesterday i do wear neck tie.. ;p huahhaha

Caieja said...

Then, you'll be a coolie la over there. Hahaha...

Demit la... I don't understand why on earth they want us to spend sometime with them, watching movie.

But, I'll spend few minutes there. Wana see what they prepare for us...

D3mOn|c said...

got makan2 x? hahhhahahah :P

Anonymous said...

let's game!!!

amri said...


sape boyam??

Caieja said...

Ada la budak tu... Org kata macam Dafi, tapi aku cakap macam dapur. PAstu punya la kecik budak tu, bile kawen macam budak2 main kawen2. Tapi tu je la aku tau pasal boyam tu. Nape? ko knal ke sape BOYam tu????