Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gold Coast

Was having iftar with my teammate at Bagan Lalang yesterday. Mesmerized by the idea of the Sepang Gold Coast. I think it is the first in semenanjung to apply that concept (the one in Sipadan almost the same concept, tapi nama die bukan Sipadan Gold Coast), even though ada je Gold Coast lain kat dunia ni.

Love these bamboo trees... Cantik sangat... (at office a.k.a rumah contoh die)

The villas under construction...

It suppose to turn to something like this later...Well, even though location tak strategik langsung (next to ladang 'u know what' & the west coast pantai not as nice as the east coast pantai), but the idea of rumah atas air, tepi pantai sungguh la menenangkan perasaan.

Tetiba teringat cerita 'Il Mare'.


q u e s t i a said...

betul2 macam design pulau buatan kat dubai yg org dok passing2 via emel tuh!

Caieja said...

::q u e s t i a::
damn right!