Thursday, July 2, 2015


I accidentally read some political post that relates to economic and islamic society or jemaah. Be it from any group, I still feel despair....

It started when I start to dig in Greece economic issue. It is bad time for them, let's pray, hopefully the All Mighty All Merciful ease their pain, especially those old folks that loses their money. Keep on praying peeps! That the lease we can do.

Hmm... Then the plot is thickening where my attention was directed to 1MDB issues and this guy, kind of afgue why non (from his pov) from Islamic NGO claim or make noise about this issue. And yes, there were replies from many sides. Hmm... Like seriously we have so many Islamic groups? What makes me feel a lil bit sick (too much of melodrama here? No?) is that they quarrel or disagree about things that I think should be put aside. Why not you guys, the intellectual from jemaah, man with integrity sit together and have a sleepless night discussing about this issue before quarreling in public. Is that what you learn from your long tarbiyyah? Provoking your brother in other jemaah? What? I just can't register that.

Malaysia is a small country. We don't have strong union to protect our currency as Euro tried to protect Greece. And yet you guys still mouth fighting? Really? Can't you see that even when Greece change their PM, they still in chaos because the citizen already lost their respect and no longer have one vision. Everybody here is too occupied with their own thoughts and think that they are right, or MAKSUM. Come guys, you can do better. Unity in Malaysia is more challenging because not only we have different races, now we have different Malay-Islamic sect... again, seriously... does this need to happen?

Be the change you want to see in the world. Start to change our attitude before blaming what others did... What others did is uncontrollable. You only can control yourself, if only you have control over your brain and mouth.