Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trust & Entrusted

Everyday, we pray "show us the right path".

And yet, we still doubt the path that we chose.

Then why, in the end of the day, the challenge always come back to us? Hits us right to the face, punches us, stabs us, brings out the animal inside us. To the extend, we surrender, and admit this is not our game, and yet the game must goes on. We fight barehanded, to survive.

Is it because of our incompetency that we are challenged? Or simply, because HE never stop believing in us?

If HE believes in us, so who are we to deny that?


Anonymous said...

because we are human...we are weak...we love to indulge in uncertainties

Caieja said...

Please state your name, or anything nickname so that I can always get back to you.

True there is nothing certain in this world, but it doesn't mean we should be living in it.

True life is full of surprises, but we can die of heart attack if everyday we were surprised by something.

Anonymous said...

love this, so much meaning. thank you!

Caieja said...

::Anom 2::
Thank you.