Sunday, May 9, 2010

Imaginary Friends

Have you got one? Imaginary friend I mean... Nope?

Picture: Pauline Yiu,

Besides wonderful friends around me, I do have MANY imaginary friends. Most of them are my belongings.

Yes Tia... After Anas been taken away so cruelly, I stop to have any imaginary friend, FOR A WHILE. hehe...

Then, comes a friend, who taught me to be nice to EVERYTHING, not only to EVERYBODY but also EVERYTHING. From there on, not only I say thanks to almost all instrument that help me through the day like printers, computers, and machine, but I also talk to them.

My favourite friend among them is my car, namely Chibi. I feel so in touch with her. One day, I asked her, why the car doesn't perform well, I feel like she said that her leg hurts. I stop at the petrol station nearby to fill in the air, to my disbelief, the tyre was cut open. I could see the wire inside it. Since it was at the petrol station, so I asked for help to change the tyre. I just can't imagine what will happened to me if I continue the journey.

I know it just a lucky coincident rather than me talking to her, but yea.. why not being nice to everything around us isn't?.

So, be nice to everybody, be nice to everything. We never knew when the kindness come back to us in a very miraculous way. Have a good day being nice.

Me self also need to be nice!

*Anas is a cute yellow fridge magnet duck. Miss him...

** Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. ~Author Unknown


FJ said...

Oh-My-God, I can't believe you STILL remember the comot duck??? It was given by a close friend la my dear. How can I part with a gift?? Lebih-lebih lagi when she's not around anymore..hmmm

Ohh, bdway I pun ada one loyal imaginary friend (who keeps coming back even after I killed her many MANY times)!

Caieja said...

Manade... ko dapat itik tu masa ko beli pen kaler2 tu satu set... waaaa...

Kejam gile ko munh fren ko... huhu

ibu adam said...

Oh aku ingat budak Anas tu..itik kuning yg Syaja suka main2 ngan dia dlm kelas kt matrik dulu..pastu abg ko bg mende lain plak kan..apa ntah aku da x ko panggil dia Alang..hehehhehe..
Ya..kereta adlah objek paling sensitif bila dengar [erkataan 'beli baru' atau 'jual'..dan dan je dia demam...huhuuuu (based on a number of true experience)

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FJ said...

weh, bile masa ko bwk itik tu pi kelas??? lahaulawala... sampai odah pun kenal anas???

beb, memang betul aku beli pen kaler tu patut dapat patung tapi masa tu takde patung.dah habis.and kawan aku taknak itik tu so dia bagi aku. so its a gift la kan.

hmm.. aku tak pernah pgl dia anas. bdway dia ada kat bedroom aku,jadi penjaga radio. still comot as ever :p

and yeah, i am ruthless for killing Tamera (and other things & beings)

Caieja said...


Yer... aku bawak pegi kelas... and introduce him to my classmate... and he blends well in class... kot kalau die amik pereksa, maybe jadi scorer kot... hihi... (terlebih sudah)...

bagusla.. sekarang anas dah ada keje tetap.. ko bayar gaji die tak???

sekarang aku ada kawan bercakap yg baru.. tapi ni bebetul punya... nama die lya.. anak sedara aku... baby lagi tapi dah nak keje ngan aku... hahahha...

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

-pi- said...

thanks to my computer allowing me to comment here .. :)

well, everything that we see were built up from atom and even atom itself is alive .. from quantum physics we knew that an atom comprises of nucleus and electrons, these electrons never stop moving around the nucleus .. and I call it alive!!

that might be the explanation .. but nevertheless it is good to appreciate things around us as a sign that we Thank God for everything that we have....

Caieja said...

Thank you for dropping by. & thank you for making me smile. I can imagine your voice and your style while reading your comment. hahaha...

And many many thanks for sharing the wisdom.