Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now, here I am

After a week, I think I've got my license to say what I feel about my new job.

Of course, there are SO MANY things I miss in my old company, but I have to live in present kan...

My routine activities is getting better (at least in this 2 weeks). I can wake up voluntarily without the alarm ringing, healthier foods, more time to read and etc.

While my job scope, is far wider that I expected. I don't know how I'm going to go about it, but I have to give it a try.

I have 3 different boss, with 3 different mentality regarding the project. Yay... as always.

I miss my friends back then in my previous company. So many faces and memories. Especially my Makan2 mate, my Alamanda mate, my Clark mate, my Biggest Loser mate, my Reading mate erm... my Walkie-Talkie mate, my Futsal mate, my Gossip mate, my Apple mate and the list goes on.

And here, besides I have to start all over again, I believe it is going to be different.

The view here is great! On the hilltop. But I still miss KLIA. The place I ran to whenever I think I have no place to go and hid big self.

Shouldn't I write about my new job?

Anyway, I'm adapting with my new job, and environment. The rest, is memories. But friendship remains, whenever we are.

Credit to: Poleena@deviantart


Tenno said...

u r very the lucky one la ;p
cam aku ckp..tgu kawen jer..hahahahhwhaa

Caieja said...

Lepas kawen, tunggu dapat anak,

Lepas dapat anak sorang, nak dua

Lepas dua, tiga

Lepas tu tunggu ...

hahaha... but at this point, takut lagi nak mengaku lucky tu... hihihi

FJ said...

setuju dgn tenno!
u r one lucky fish!

tapi aku tumpang simpati ada org tu
tak boleh keluar malam, hek hek

FJ said...

oh ya,

pastinya AMO berasa lega dengan kewujudan peraturan itu kn? hihi

Caieja said...

Of course!!!


boyam said...

sape the biggest loser mate? adan ke hahahah, TIDAK akan hehehhe...
kalo kaklin aku caye gak, from mak buyung to slimmest mummy!! wowww

rAihAnA said...

i miss klia too.. haha teringat mase mintak permission ngn pak polisi.. :p

Caieja said...

Adala... rahsia..

best ooo

Kak Najah ajar akak satu jalan, lagi best tgk kapal terbang...

tapi sekarang tak tunggu kapal terbang lagi... :p