Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why I Read Karim Raslan

With his 3rd anthology in my hand, now I'm ready to share why I read his write-ups.

1. It's fun. You'll find information and wits in an article or short stories.

2. It's simple. He needs only a few pages or half a page column (in paper) to share with us his point of view. For a lazy bump like me, who care less bout details, this is SIMPLY AWESOME.

3. Patriotism. Most of his write ups tell about Malaysia or Asia. The subject matter is very familiar and while he compare with his other half blood, it seems justified. Not too boot licking and yet not too resistance.

4. Superb vocabulary. He is a lawyer and half blood English. What else can I say.

5. Balance. Like point No 3, there is a sense of balance in his articles. I can't help feeling contempt reading his articles.

6. Metaphor. Not only Dr. House M.D knows how to use metaphor (how I wish Dr. House really exist!).

I guess enough for now. I don't think my friends want to know this, but I believe some credit should goes to Mr. Karim Raslan for writing such a cool articles. (His brother, Kam Raslan also write and have same kind of wits in his writing).


FJ said...

baca paper mingguan semalam tak? ada segmen on karim raslan. OMG i can't blv he's 46!?? I mean, look at that glowy, youthful face!??

Caieja said...


kawan aku siap bgtau aku ari tu, tapi aku tak dapat nak kuar, ada org datang umah.. in short aku tak dapat baca article tu...

ye... die n adik die sama2 muka muda...

anne said...

dear syaja,

please continue writing..your words keep me breathing thru the aching life of missing your wisdom

(poyo gel!)

Caieja said...

hampesh... balas dendam la tu...