Thursday, January 6, 2011

Something Awesome

Is praying that whatever inside my head now will materialize, step bu step, one by one, into something AWESOME!!!

I want to make it happen. This is my new year dream. :-)

Credit to:Ahermin@deviantart


FJ said...

this is not "something random turn into something awesome" kan? well, i'm sure its carefully devised and a great new year's plan, good for u!
me i'm still drafting mine in the head (and they are almost constantly subject to be changed)hehe

p/s: Speaking Yuna pulak :p

Caieja said...

er... if we are talking Yuna language, then it shall be "decorat"ing "these street" with "fireworks" by "Penakut".

but this one, i hope gonna work nicely after all the pain in the arse... whats the plan?? tungguuuuu