Friday, April 29, 2011

Answering Why

Why you want that thing desperately that bad?
1. I like
2. I like
3. I like

Ok, at least I'm being sincere here... yes, at first, I want it simply because i like it. very much. especially the white one, with red cover. (on your right. cantik kan?)

But with time, I realize why I want it so much.
1. Easy for reader like me. I have many digital books. I can read it through my phones, but it rather too small and it takes me ages to complete a book. I hope with that gadget, it could encourage me to read more and more.

2. Recently, I printed many journal papers. Not environmental friendly. Big NO NO!!! hahaha... No la, I am not an environmentalist, but what bring me headache is that I have to carry that stack of journal until I completed my papers. If I have that, I could always use it to read my journals and reference document. Nice kan?

3. Why don't use my laptop to read?
I asked this once to a friend of mine when I'm not yet convinced to have that. And sure it does, my answer now backfires me. It is not handy to read through laptop while writing. Yes, Macbook can switch from one window to another, but there is a gap there, and during that gap, concentration easily distracted.

4. There are a lot of other features, but my main idea of having it merely for that reading and make my writing easier. I'm not a photo geek, or musician wannabe, so the rest i let other to discover. I hope, Mademoiselle FJ satisfy with my answer, or you need more justification???


FJ said...

THANK YOU for the justification put forth :] danggg,u make me want one too now! hahaha..!

but i'm still getting to know my robot and I like him that way (at least for the time being).
oh crap,u make me wanna name him too! ok i guess, i might just, i think i'll call my robot, KNOX.
amcam ok tak??

p/s: are those journals in pdf format? can we share??

Caieja said...

The answers SHOULD lure you to think bout how relevant its existance in ur life. Owh, it can be ur organizer, name card holder, etc etc... Haha...

But still, im still taking my sweet time to consider all pro n cons. I want it, but will i utilize it to d max? Jeng heng jeng... So, till i fully convinced, bare with me yg akan membising 24/7... Nak IPad Nak IPad!!!

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