Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Letter to The Wind

Dear Wind,

I dedicated to you this letter because I in need to express my deepest pain that could not be described by words. And yet, after vommiting all the pain and heartache I hope, all the feeling will be gone, just like you, without a trace.

Meself could not be sure what I'm feeling right now. The teardrop kept held at the surface of my blinding eyes, holding themselves tight, not to drop nor lose control.

My heart beats faster, my body shivering and I'm hearing echoes of my ownself laughing to my own stupidity and fragility. Should I be blame for having beautiful dreams of my future? of choosing my destiny? of taking the path less popular, and now seems impossible?

It crumbles inside.

Dear Wind,
Carry my words not with any weight. Let it floats and flies and disappears. The feeling is not meant to be mine. Yet.

Dear Lord,
Grant me courage, strength and faith. So I can live another breath and walk another step in this world full of uncertainty. No one to be blame but me.

Life is just like that...


FJ said...

Keep calm and carry on, Caieja.