Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ranting: Malaysia and racial politics

I can't write this on my facebook, because the crowd might not be able to accept it.

I know I don't have to make everybody eats what I say, but I am too lazy to re-explain stuff. I write here, so it only gonna be read by Tia, or Anne, or Serena or total stranger. Else, this is just a "documented evidence" that I have thought of this at this very particular time.

I know this issue sort of dah basi, but still I want to express my apology to my Chinese friends on a few issues happened recently. Alvin and Vivian, that guy yang kena belasah, and maybe another cases yang kita tak tau.

I don't say that I agree with their childish action, but I far disagree on how they been treated upon their immature mistake. Kena penjara sebab upload gambar dalam facebook? Sebab ajak makan bah kut teh? Sebab tak menghormati Islam? facepalm* Well, comparing ajak makan bah kut teh and a malay muslim having liquor license, siapa yang lebih tak menghormati Islam. Why he did not face same punishment?
How could we expect others to respect our beloved religion when we are not doing just to them?

Since pilihanraya 5 tahun dulu, I already wrote in this blog, on how funny of Malaysian politicians. One time they call for Perpaduan Kaum, 1 Malaysia, and then, turning on the other side, they call for "Perjuangan Ketuanan Melayu". Then you think another races takde ketuanan? How on earth you preach for two contradicting ideas at a time?

I am not a big fan of politics, but when my future is concerned, the best I could do is pray that one day more sensible leader will lead this country and bring prosperity for everyone including ayam, itik dan ikan yang bermasalah.