Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What the...

This is an old issue, it suddenly crossed my mind yesterday.

Why on earth Faizal Tahir was banned when he revealed his body? Its not even aurah for him. No! No!

Why so many pretty young female artist is allowed to wear whatever the custom
pleased even though it is clearly aurah for them. Why no one banning them?



FJ said...

Boy, am I glad you brought this up!

Aku pun selalu fikir benda yang sama. You know macam sesetengah artis tukar imej berselendang "untuk menghormati bulan Ramadhan".

I mean, if they can respect (if that's how they chose to define "respect") he holy month, why can't they respect the laws of The Creator ie Owner of this holy month yakni ALLAH?

Makes us wonder kan? =)

Caieja said...

It was so funny because I suddenly had this flash of thought dekat traffic light.

It is the same weight of thought I put on those why people make so much fuss on dogs while it is not haram, just najis, as compared to many others haram things that are allowed by custom here. tak dikira lagi orang keliru antara agama dan budaya.

And thanks Tia for still jenguk jenguk my blog yang dah bersawang..