Thursday, November 25, 2010

They Said, I Said

how could i define,
the pain of doing nothing.

they said be true to yourself,
how can true be true if true means delusional.

they said slow down,
how could i slow down when i realize i was left behind.

they said be patient,
how could i since i don't know what patient is.

they said be happy,
how could i when the source of happiness vanished with time.

they can say whatever they think applicable for me,
in the end of the day, it's always me, myself and I to decide what i want to do with life.

back to square one,
what i want to do???


FJ said...

kenapa awak nak jumpa dr 8hb ni caieja?

yknow i've always been (and try to remain) steadfast to something along that line. i mean all we really got is ourself kan.

p/s: "kerna kita kan akhirnya sendiri....."

ismihuahadafi said...

aja... sedihnye aku baca entri ko ni... stop bashing yourself please.... please please....

Caieja said...

Mentally ill.

not actually bashing myself, but hey, who else to be blamed for what happened in life except ourselves kan? The BIG BOSS always gives you options, and we are to decide. at a juncture, where we made a wrong turn. but we dont have time machine to redo, but we have future to recreate. so be it. (an entry inside an entry).