Saturday, November 20, 2010

Love is a funny thing.

Love is a funny thing;
Lead you to the place called unknown;
Drown yourself in confusion;
But you still want to be in love.

Love is sure a funny thing;
Help you to see what you want to see;
Blinding what you try not to see;
And yet, you still want to be in love.

Maybe love is a funny thing;
Random words are lullaby to your ears,
The facts shall bleed your vein;
And yet, love is still in the air.

Love is love;
Reveal the truth with grace;
Wrap the world with hope;
Give tears a new meaning;
Draw a smile on your face;

And still;
Love is the funniest thing ever happened to humankind.


FJ said...

This, to me, is real sweet and painful all at the same time.

Caieja said...

::Tia:: Like coffee, bittersweet all at a time...

Caieja said...

::Tia:: Maybe the art of life is as the art of drinking coffee... The more u can handle the bitterness, the more u'll enjoy the real taste of the coffee. Try coffee without sugar/milk... seriously, it taste great because there is explosion of taste inside ur mouth.

farahdura said...

farahdura said...

sila lah melawat:

FJ said...

maybe i am tad bit too english to be appreciating coffee. haha. poyo!

truth is, i think i've turn into a less believer of... whatever i used to believe in (faith department excluded, godwilling).

skrg i just wanna enjoy whatever that is left in the present for me por favor!

cop, what's going on, on 9th yeh??

Caieja said...

7 & 8 lah..

7 my frens wedding

8 ada meeting yg ntah pape ntah plus petang tu i pegi jumpe dr.

lols... english la sangat makan sambal belacan kan...

FJ said...

hahahaha yeah!!
.. and cencalok, and tempoyak, and budu, and sambal hitam, and by the way bila awak nak buatkan saya sambal hitam ni sayangku caieja???