Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Let help me brainstorming...

How can I get a scholarship to further my studies???

1. MARA - due

2. Yayasan Pahang - due

3. JPA - due

4. Petronas - don't think they will be interested in bio thingy
Lagi??? Lagi??? Lagi??? Help me please... Need to get some fresh air..

::Additional note::
Thanks to old friend for the short, brief and inspiring discussion. Hope there is a light in the end of the tunnel.

It is always a relief when you find someone you can talk to freely and accept you as you are without prejudice. Thanks for guiding me up to here.

::More notes::
There's a light at the end of the tunnel. (n_n)v


boyam said...

try khazanah.. check out my new post..

Caieja said...

Due - closed April dulu....

famil said...

get a placement first and ask about financial assistance in those uni.

or go to germany. the fee is free.

Illi Puad said...

lg satu cara...masuk line lecturer and dpt scholarship KPT..tp kalo kak syaja sanggup tunggu, thn dpn cube lah scholar2ship yg ade dlm list tu...all the best!

Caieja said...

::famil and illi puad::
got the placement in Aussie already,

almost been accepted by other Uni as tutor.Dah berbunga2 since the dean of the faculty bagi high recommendation.

Suddenly the Uni management said they want someone with M.sc straight away.

Jadi, terkubur lah harapan utk tahun ini... Damn!!!

fusarium solani said...

Semoga di permudahkan Allah!

D3mOn|c said...

weh..macam pernah dgr jer ayat hujung tunnel ader cahaya tu..ermmm...

walaupun perkataan berbeza..tapi makna bih kuang je..hahahhah

xde inspired by ke?hahhaha:P