Thursday, August 28, 2008


Not yet 31st, but feels like posting this entry earlier.

The country is celebrating it's 51st Independence Day. Doesn't feel like. After 50 years, still no sense of belonging to Malaysia. We still belong to our ethnic group. The prejudice to other races is still thick and in fact, with all the riot and chaos from our political leaders, the plots seems thickening...

Luckily, there is still a lil kid, who enjoys learning what is independence is all about. Even though he is just practicing singing one of the famous independence song, but it means a lot, at least to me.
I hope this cute lil kid will always have the respect & uphold the good name of the country.

Jangan la satu hari nanti, kite hidup melata macam ni di tanah sendiri...

Selamat Hari Merdeka.


D3mOn|c said...

sebab tu MyFeS is the best FIFA clan!!!

from all races!! we eat together..fight together(for podium finish lah..:P)...sleep together..n support each the future, i will definitely miss this moments!!Always!!

tribute to abg Adinas..founder of MyFeS.. ^_^

word veri...

ibu adam said...

cumel kan budak tu?tapi nape ko tak amik skali gambar 'akak' yang tgh ajar dia nyanyi lagu merdeka tu??'akak' tu pun cumel gak!=p

Caieja said...

sleep together??? LOL

::ibu adam::
are sure she is 'akak' instead of 'auntie'???

farouq said...