Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Prayer

I wonder where is the current is taking me to...

I wish I know the direction.

And I ponder, why I learn stuff which nothing to do with me?

Here is my thought, this is my plea;

Lord, let your holy light shine on me;

Wonder will you, listen to my prayer;

I know I'm not worth it, but I need your help...


Anonymous said...

and torment is my soul
to drown in this pretense
when the heart has a hole
nothing seems to make sense

my plea is meaningless
i'm yet to be saved nor heard
nor i have hopes to surrender to the emptiness
of the prediction of the untold

fusarium solani said...

Semoga awak dipermudahkan olehNya.

farouq said...

selalu ingat padaNya....

Caieja said...

Heart deeply wept for the untold miseries of reality,

It crumbles, torn into pieces, and vanishes;

The dawn come to wake me up, softly whisper...

"Wake up, start your new dream"

::fusarium solani::
Syukran Jazilan


Anonymous said...

irony would it be
should that awakening will not last
ploughing through the rough sea
in anguish to forget the past

for the past will determine now and tomorrow
but there's always the welcoming for this sorrow
has my conscience gone dry
to be oblivious would be admitting to the white lie

Caieja said...

::ms emmm::

the past is too precious to let go;

the beauty alone drown me to heaven;

future creeping near;
slow but certain;

to remind me the fear of hell.